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Big Bang, “We did not receive any proposal by the KEPM”

Posted on: February 18, 2009

In the midst of news that the Korean Executive Presidential Mansion (KEPM) has decided on stars like Big Bang to work on a new rap praise song for the country, Big Bang has stood out to and voiced cautiously that they were not given such proposals to do so.

The KEPM has revealed a rap song production with 3.1 verse written for it in commemoration of 90th anniversary of the establishment of the South Korean government. It was also said that popular groups like Big Bang will be participating in the song. The song will be the Korean version to Michael Jackson’s ‘We Are The World’.

The netizens are said to be accepting the idea and there has been many suggestions that it will be be modern version of ‘New Village Movement Song’ and ‘National Customs 81′ by the netizens.

However, Big Bang fans had been rejecting the idea of singing a praise song for the current government. The fans are currently on large-scale opposition to the idea and are collecting signatures to oppose against the idea. Apparently, some netizens had already used Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ song to make their own versions of criticisms to the government, which the fans felt is not favourable for Big Bang.

YG Entertainment voiced, “We did not receive such a proposal from the KEPM. The reason why Big Bang’s name was mentioned in the proposal by KEPM is probably as an example in the type of singers which the KEPM will rope in for this production. Even if we do receive a proposal, we will have to discuss in more details about collaborating in the production, so right now we cannot say anything for sure.”



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