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Kenneth Ma & Nancy Wu had love sparks from dancing, dating for 10 months (Tuesday February 17, 2009 Hong Kong)

Posted on: February 18, 2009


Kenneth Ma & Nancy Wu had love sparks from dancing, dating for 10 months (Note: As usual, Headline is misleading)

After Nancy Wu and Deep Ng broke up, her love life had not had any development. It turns out that in April 2008, after participating in “Strictly Come Dancing 2”, good friends Sharon Chan and Christine Ng match-made Nancy and her entertainment circle colleague Kenneth Ma to be a couple. Actually, their love sparked when they did their dance! Also, Nancy coincidentally becomes Kenneth’s neighbor, walking to one another’s apartment does not take more than 5 minutes!

As for after breaking up with Deep Ng, in the recent year Nancy’s love life has been quite empty. For good friend Sharon Chan, she had always wanted to help “match make” Nancy with someone. Kenneth who had been getting familiar with Sharon, she had always wanted to pair them up. At the same time, last year after Kenneth and Margie Tsang broke up, and the fact that Nancy and Kenneth both participated in the Hunan dance competition show “Strictly Come Dancing 2”, Sharon and god sister Christine Ng decided to be Nancy’s “Hung Leung” to make the “Wu Ma” couple. After Mandy Cho and Stephan Hyunh sparking love because of dance, we have another couple in the entertainment circle who had love sparks due to dancing.

Actually Nancy and Kenneth knew each other 6 years ago when they were filming “Triumph in the Skies”, but at the time they two did not have many scenes opposite of each other. Up until last year, when they both participated in “Strictly Come Dancing 2”, they were both in Hunan often seeing each other and with the help of Sharon and Christine, the two were able to spark becoming a couple.

The story is known as, Kenneth Ma lives in Tai Koo Sing. Not sure if Nancy is accommodating her boyfriend because she lives in another area with her parents, so she moved closer to her boyfriend becoming his neighbor and it would be more convenient for them to meet up. Also, Nancy and Kenneth both don’t have any companion, and because they’re afraid to affect their careers, so they kept their relationship low profile. They would carefully maintain their relationship. The magazine realized that their cars are parked near each other and that their apartments are pretty close by, less than 5 minutes walk, believe that they meet each other by foot.

Nancy Wu: “Fate is hard to say”
Yesterday Reporters noticed that a Nancy with a cap on arrived at the car garage and was preparing to leave, and was stunned to see reporters. Asked if she and Kenneth were dating? Nancy sweetly said: “No! Of Course not!” However, asked if there is any chance for development, she expressed that the future, no one will be able to predict.

Kenneth is known to be a good man in the entertainment industry and he is also obedient. Nancy also agrees: “He is known to be a really good person, has a good reputation with TVB. If he’s obedient, I’m not sure, but he will always mention his mom.” Asked if she’s desperate to date? She said: “I want someone to love me, but there is a period of time where I’m not dating, last year my career success wasn’t too bad, so I don’t want get distracted. But fate is really hard to say, the most important is to try your best first!” Afterwards, she got into her car and left to meet up with her friends for tea.

Christine Ng: “Of course I’m happy for them”
Yesterday at 2pm, Reporters spotted Kenneth Ma who had just finished filming for his new series, when asked about his relationship with Nancy, he said: “Rumor had been going on for a while now, but we really do live very close by.” Asked if there is any chance for development? He said: “If you ask like that, of course I would say yes. I won’t be going around saying that she’s ugly, that’s not me!”

Also, Reporters contacted Christine Ng over the phone, she denied that she was a match maker, she said: “Really?, I didn’t match make anyone. I only met Nancy when I was doing ‘Strictly Come Dancing 2’, but they are both good people, I like them both a lot. If they are really together, of course I’m happy for them!”

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @


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