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“Palace Schemes” Costume Fitting (Tuesday February 17, 2009 Hong Kong)

Posted on: February 18, 2009


“Palace Schemes” Costume Fitting: Charmaine Sheh & Kevin Cheng wooden when taking pictures

Rumored couple Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng, after being rumored together, TVB purposely arranged them to be a couple in a new series. The two will be collaborating once again in a new ancient series “Beyond The Realm of Conscience” (宮心計)[Previously known as: Palace Schemes”]. Yesterday the series held its costume fitting in TVB City, the two were at the same place, but still had zero interactions, their appearance seems to be earnest.

Yesterday at the costume fitting, the cast all attended including Michelle Yim, Susanna Kwan, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, but rumored couple Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng were the main focus once again. However, they both still did as Reporters requested, they stood together to take pictures, but their appearance seems very wooden, avoiding each other very much. On the other hand, Moses and Tavia were playing very happily, Tavia would always play with Moses’s headdress. When they were taking pictures, Moses also placed his arm on Tavia’s shoulders, Tavia smiled: “Wah! You’re not afraid of people calling you a Salty Pig Hand?”

Asked Charmaine about her collaborating with Kevin again, are they afraid of stirring up the rumors again? She said that the rumors cannot be controlled, when they see each other, they won’t feel embarrassed. The most crazy thing was being followed by the Doggie Team. Reporters said that she and Kevin had zero interaction, Charmaine explained that they had no chance to chat. Charmaine said that the series will talk about fights within the Palace. She highly praised the good script and cast, so she has great hope for this upcoming series.

As for Kevin, will he feel that his rumors with Charmaine will lead the series? He expressed that it cannot be said like that, he felt that everyone being apart of the series is a good thing. He personally feels that he has no choice, this is just one way to do promotion. Does he feel a lot of pressure by the rumor? He said: “Can’t say it like that, it is my lines that makes me stressful, the language is kind of hard.”

“Lor Lui” Tavia Yeung this time will turn evil, in the series she will be playing an Evil Concubine. She will be against Charmaine. She said that this time, she will count on her eyes to act out the role, she will be practicing Lau Hiu Hing’s (劉曉慶) acting. She said that in the past she has played many good characters, had always wanted to try a different type of role. This time she hopes that she could win a breakthrough based on her evil role.

Michelle Yim’s boyfriend was rumored that his illness had gotten worse and had to go back to the hospital. Recently, it was rumored that her boyfriend lost his eyesight, becoming blind. Yesterday at the costume fitting press conference, Michelle was asked about the rumor. Michelle clarifies that there is no such thing, she said that her boyfriend is fine and also he is very lively. Currently he is at home resting, she also doesn’t understand why such rumor would come about. Michelle then said that often she and her boyfriend would out for a joy ride. Currently, he also goes back to the hospital occassionally to get checked up. As for Valentine’s Day, which had just passed, did her boyfriend propose to her yet? She immediately said sweetly: “I told him not to say it yet, after filming this series, I will think about it!”

Francois is very naive
Also, Francois Hyunh and his girlfriend Karen’s “brother-sister love” had recently become the main focus in the news. Mandy Cho who had once been rumored with Francois’s older brother Stephan Hyunh replied to the issue. She expressed that the issue has died down, there is no problems currently. But Mandy expressed that she felt Francois is quite a naive boy, believes that the headlines aren’t true. Also she doesn’t know his girlfriend Karen, but she did send Francois a text to ask him about the matter.

Source: Takungpao, Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @


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