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Rainie Yang doesn’t like spending a romantic Valentines (Monday February 16, 2009 Taiwan)

Posted on: February 18, 2009


Rainie Yang doesn’t like spending a romantic ValentinesJust like any normal girl, Rainie Yang looks forward that one day in the future she will find her true love. But Rainie actually hates spending Valentine’s Day she would rather have a full schedule on that day. At the moment she hasn’t got a boyfriend but she would want her ideal boyfriend to have these advantages “His personality must be very independent and he wouldn’t rely on me. I hope that he will maintain a little distance away from me.” of course, it would be best if he had her favorite Hong Kong actor Tong Leung’s acting skills and Eason Chan’s singing skills.


Rainie Yang replied honestly “I absolutely hate staying in a romantic atmosphere, I also don’t like it if my boyfriend deliberately prepares some flowers, presents and a romantic dinner just because it is Valentines Day. If that happens I will be so bewildered and wouldn’t know what reaction I should give making me completely stiff, so I hate spending Valentines day.

So no matter if she has a boyfriend or not, she treats her valentines day the same every year, which is to make herself to her most tired point and when she returns home she will be so tired she will fall right asleep. For example the Western Valentines day is approaching, Rainie who shouts loudly “Working is Happiness” not only has she arranged a full schedule, at night at 5.20 she will also accompany her fans in “Tai Pei Shilin Night Market” to participate in the “Love Open outdoor premiere night”, enjoying the preview and premiere of BaDa’s idol-drama “ToGetHer” with Jiro Wang and George Hu.

Too Romantic, instead feels uncomfortable

She rememorizes “My most painful Valentine’s Day was when one of my ex-boyfriends invited me to their house for dinner. He was very good at cooking, so at that day he prepared a full set of French Cuisine, and slowly one by one he served the dishes, he lit candles on the table it was just like bringing a restaurant’s Valentine’s dinner back home; at the end he even gave me some chocolates and a present I was really touched, but before I hadn’t even remembered that the day was Valentine’s Day, I just thought that he was simply asking me to dinner, when the food was on the table then I realized that it was Valentine’s Day. Everything was very sudden I hadn’t even prepared a present for him, I really didn’t know how to pay back his gift, all I could do was say thanks after, we chatted for a while then I left.”

Originally, it was supposed to be a very blissful arrangement, but because Rainie felt she was uncomfortable with the romantic-ness, instead she damaged her boyfriend’s feelings. She honestly said that she doesn’t believe the significance of Valentine’s Day, even more she doesn’t like receiving fresh flowers and diamonds because the two of them being together won’t change just because of Valentine’s Day.

Rainie said “Whenever me and him both don’t have work, I like staying at home with him for the whole day, no one would disrupt us, we wouldn’t worry about the paparazzi, I would find it very romantic even if we rent a whole stack of DVDs and the two of us would just sit on the sofa together discussing and watching movies for a whole day.

Because Rainie’s management office knows that she doesn’t like spending Valentine’s Day and they know that she wouldn’t go out on a date with her boyfriend even if she had one, so usually on Valentine’s Day they would arrange some singing/signature activities to let Rainie spend her Valentine’s with her fans, if she was in the middle of filming or promotions for her album then that is more ideal, whats even better is to have a day full of activities so Rainie wouldn’t have to tell the media how she is going to spend her Valentine’s Day.

But the best during Valentines

But, even if it’s prepared very well there are some things that cannot be helped, some things that make Rainie feel really annoyed. During last year’s (Chinese) Valentine’s Day, she had already prepared herself to film a whole day from morning to night of scenes of “ToGetHer”, making her no need to worry about Valentine’s Day, she was very happy.

Rainie said furiously said “Even though the schedule had already estimated that we will film from morning to around 9pm, but our direction Lin Zi Ping is a very considerate person, when we started filming he made us all work hard to hurry us up, hoping to let all the drama cast and staff finish of work earlier so they can go home and accompany their wives or girlfriends; but I didn’t want to spend my Valentine’s Day, so I didn’t want to finish of work early. Fortunately that day it was incredibly hot, and the old house where we filmed at didn’t have air-condition so everyone was sweating, making the whole pace slow down and we only got to finish of during the middle of the night, everyone was frowning and angry whilst I was very happy because I didn’t need to think of how to spend my Valentine’s Day.

But “ToGetHer’s” location was very near the “TaiPei Freshwater Fisherman’s Wharf”, during that night at the wharf there was a Valentine’s Day concert, it started around 6 o’clock. The music was extremely loud it could be heard quite well in the filming location, the recording teacher was already very troubled but then from the cafe beside them they heard some customers singing karaoke very loudly and it seemed like they would never stop, making them unable to hear the voices of the actors so the director was forced to pack up earlier making the drama staff exceedingly happy.

“I already felt really annoyed whenever we had to suddenly stop working, what made me even more annoyed was the car that was arranged for me and my assistant, it was a car that needed to bring everyone home, so the driver drove very fast. From Dan Shui to Tai Pei (her house) only takes around half an hour, It wasn’t even 8 when I sat down at home not doing anything, I was so bored all I can do is play electronic games, and sleep early.” Rainie complained.

It’s been a while since Rainie last had a boyfriend, she doesn’t really want one at the moment but her fans are trying to help her match up with other males. There are already people going onto ToGetHer’s blog, guessing whether Rainie and one of lead male actors Jiro Wang will start going out; but no matter when Rainie will start liking him, he must bear in mind that she doesn’t like valentines that are too romantic!
Source: Yahoo News TW
Translation by : JPOO @


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