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Ariel Lin looks pale, denies having brain surgery, Thursday February 19, 2009 Taiwan

Posted on: February 20, 2009

Ariel Lin looks pale, denies having brain surgery

Ariel Lin last night visited Shi Yi Nan who was rehearsing for “The Glass Menagerie.” Because of reports that she had brain surgery, she became the focus of attention. She denied having undergone surgery, only said because [she was under] too much pressure, that’s why she was under observation and had to stay in hospital.

Faced with reporters’ questions as to whether she had to have surgery because of a brain tumor, she said weakly: “No.” But she did not rebut reporters’ comments about her staying in hospital for eight days or that she had some health problems: “En… (interjection, sort of a yes), but not for a health exam, just too much pressure, which caused endocrine disorders. Although Ariel made light of her illness, during the interview, she specifically asked that she be allowed to sit down. Looking at her pallor, she didn’t look very good. During the interview she also looked as if she was forcing herself to laugh, making one feel quite concerned.
Source: China Times
Translated by: btzigane @


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