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Kelly Chen 3 months pregnant; talks about her pregnancy on CRHK Interview, Thursday February 19, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: February 20, 2009

Kelly Chen 3 months pregnant; talks about her pregnancy on CRHK Interview

Kelly Chen is currently 3 months pregnant, she accepted an interview by CRHK station and revealed that when she heard from the mouth of her doctor that she was pregnant, the first person she told was her husband Alex. The second person she told was her manager, afraid that her manager might accept tours for her and she won’t know what to do then!

After getting pregnant, her appetite had been very faint, usually love to eat fruits and the elderly would get very attentive towards her, often making chinese health soups for her, but she doesn’t really want to eat it. Fortunately she doesn’t throw up, doing quite well. She smiled: “After I eat, I go relax, turning into a big lazy bum!” Yesterday, she suddenly felt her baby’s kicks, she felt very surprised at that time and couldn’t tell if it was baby kicks or if she’s having cramps, then she asked her baby in her stomach: “What’s wrong?!” But she felt it was very cute. Earlier, Alex quit smoking for his upcoming newborn, Kelly said that when Alex knew she was pregnant, he stopped smoking, but he did not dare to smoke in front of her, he only would smoke occasionally when he’s with his friends. He is an adult and knows how to think, won’t cause trouble for Kelly.

What is the plan, is it let baby go into labor naturally or need surgery? She said that she will see what the doctor suggests and she also doesn’t know if she should breast feed! Did you start teaching the baby to listen to music? She said that her mom told her to speak more politely and said that she will need to see what kind of music, maybe classical music. She smiled and said that one night Alex was watching “American Idol” and saw that one of the contestants was singing very horribly, he told baby: “The first thing you must have is self-knowledge!” After this baby, will she try to get another one? She said that she will need to see because it’s tough! Grandma joked and said that she hopes Kelly has 3 kids, she then laughed in response: ” You help me bump out 2 more first!”

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @


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