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Sonjia Kwok No feeling towards Michael Tao’s negative comment, Thursday February 19, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: February 20, 2009

Sonjia Kwok No feeling towards Michael Tao’s negative comment

Recently Sonjia Kwok have been involved in TVB’s “sex flower” incident, once rumored with Michael Tao had negative attitude towards her and said that the rumor is definitely not an accident. Yesterday Sonjia attended an event for the brand Zensation, towards Michael’s comments about her, she frankly said that she has no feeling on it.

Colleagues need to respect each other
When Sonjia attended the event yesterday, she appeared to have gained some weight. She explains that because recently she has been filming for new series “D.I.E 2” and has been eating nonstop. Asked if she would suicide for love? She immediately said don’t talk about that stuff. Speaking of Michael’s comments about her, Sonjia seem to have came prepared for the subject, she said: “I know what you guys want to say, yesterday there was a Reporter who asked me too. Recently there is a lot of gossip flying around, there’s the Magician and the issue about me going out on a trip.” She felt that everyone needs to respect their colleagues’ hard work. Should consider what you say to the public.

Does she feel that Michael didn’t respect her? She said that at the time she was not at the scene, she doesn’t know how Michael said it and cannot make a judgment. She only feels that everyone shouldn’t be talking about other people, it is important to have a good atmosphere while filming. Sonjia express she’s not mad because she has no feeling towards it. Will she feel that Michael said that because of love revenge? Sonjia said: “I never thought about that. (Is it because of love revenge?) It’s not me! (How about Michael?) I didn’t say him.”

Sonjia also has no intention in calling up Michael for an explanation, asked if she Michael loses his gentleman-ness? She expressed that she won’t be randomly criticizing anyone, she just has no feeling about this. Michael said that her rumor wasn’t an accident She said again: “I have no feeling.” She smiled and said that her current feeling is placed on her work, this will make her more happy. As for Virgina Lok, she expressed that if she feels offended by his words, she can take legal action, Sonjia said: “Our reaction is the same, if I feel affected by it, I will take legal action, then communicate with my company about the issue.” But she’s not afraid that doing this will make the problem even worse? She expressed that she doesn’t know how Ms. Lok will take care of it, but to her personally she doesn’t feel that it’s a big deal.

Congratulations to Michael and his ex-wife getting along
But, Sonjia said that TVB had suggested her to not add too much judgment. Will TVB come out to defend her on behalf of herself? She felt that there is no need to put any more time on this, and that it’s not worth getting upset on, leave some extra time to make herself pretty, that would be better. Asked if in the future when she films series, will she distance herself from the male co-star? She had no choice but to laugh and said that keeping distance is enough. As to Michael saying that if “she’s able to get into the box, she probably has the qualities to be in it.” Sonjia said that she can’t control this. In the future when she and Michael see each other, will she feel awkward? She expressed that she hasn’t seen him yet. Will she slap him? She laughed and said: “What do you guys think? I will not respond to this. (Yell at him?) I will not have no manners!” Will she also tell Michael to be quiet? She said: “What do you all think? I still think the same, we all should respect each other.” Speaking of Michael and his ex-wife having a good relationship, Sonjia congratulated the two. Will she be afraid to attract a verbal war? She feels that its very childish, “he’s childish”. Also, Sonjia’s mother attended the event as well, asked if she was upset with Michael? She asked back: “Mad about what? (He was talking about your daughter?) No. No comment.”

Source:, Mingpao, Takungpao, Wenweipo
Translated by: aZnangel @


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