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Jiro, George Forgot Passport, Rainie Flies Solo To Singapore, Saturday February 21, 2009 Taiwan

Posted on: February 21, 2009

Jiro, George Forgot Passport, Rainie Flies Solo To Singapore

Jiro Wang, Rainie Yang and George Hu went to Singapore to promote their new series <Together>. However, the two male leads forgot their passport, and abandoned the female lead Rainie Yang, who flew to Singapore, first, while the male leads took the next flight.

SingTao Daily reported, this caused Rainie to joke that she is an abandoned female lead, waited for the two of them for 3 hours.
The report state, when they arrived in the airport and ready for departure, George realized that he forgot to bring his passport. After hearing that, Jiro quickly check for his own and realized that he forget his too. In the end, both of them had to take the next flight out to Singapore, while Rainie reached Singapore first.
Credit: Ginying@AsianFanatics


Before passing away, Jiro Wang‘s father instructed: having held hands is true love

How to determine if Jiro Wang is truly in love? He said, “It only counts if we’ve held hands.” Jiro’s father passed away when he was 17; before his father passed away he asked Jiro to stand in front of him then told him, “You have to be like this to your wife…” Jiro’s father held his mother’s hands tightly with both hands. This image of his father’s deep affection for his mother has stayed in his heart. Therefore, holding hands with the person he loves most, was his promise to his father. When asked whether kissing or being intimate counted [as true love]? He said it didn’t count.

Doesn’t like to eat sweet food; father previously had diabetes

It has been reported that Jiro’s father was involved in the printing of soft drink labels. He was previously in hospital for three years due to diabetes. Someone told Jiro that his father acquired diabetes from drinking too much soft drink, therefore Jiro doesn’t like to eat sweet food. After Jiro’s father passed away, the Wang family’s finances went from heaven to hell; after graduating from senior high, Jiro worked simultaneously as an office worker in the daytime, then went to the convenience store to work at night. Because he wanted to enter the entertainment industry to earn more money, he was sacked by companies many times as they laughed, “We don’t have what it takes to support for your dreams.” No-one expected that after becoming an artist, Jiro would successfully pay off his family’s $7 million worth of debts.

Buys car and sheds tears; regrets that his father is no longer here

Jiro’s love for his father cannot be forgotten. He said, he used to be part of the “little lamb” group [always carpooling with other people]; when he could finally buy a Volkswagen second-hand car, he was so emotional that he cried. His good friend thought thought that he was crying because he was happy but actually, his heart was full of regret, “I can’t take in my car, the person that I most want to take.”

Speaking of this, he was still choking in tears and couldn’t speak properly, “I never dare to mention my father in front of my mother but every now and again, I will take out his photo and have a look.”

Seeing dumplings – the flavour he misses most

The emotional Jiro Wang, broke down in tears over a bowl of dumplings for a scene in CTV & GTV’s [ToGetHer]. According to reports, of what his father left behind, dumplings were the flavour that Jiro missed most. His father has passed away for 10 years already but until now, his mother still doesn’t dare to cook them for Jiro. The scriptwriter wrote this scene so that he would be completely focussed on his performance; he cried even more when he smelt the savoury aroma and still had not recovered when they finished filming.

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @


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