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S.H.E’s Hebe to release solo album, Saturday February 21, 2009 Taiwan

Posted on: February 21, 2009

Source: China Times
Translation: Sarah @

S.H.E‘s Hebe to release solo album

S.H.E have revealed that Hebe will release a solo album! According to this week’s <Times Weekly>, S.H.E’s recording company HIM is intending on letting Hebe release her own album. Before the new year, many lyricists and composers received invitations from HIM to help Hebe collect songs and towards this, HIM confirmed: “We will help each of them do some planning, they will fly solo but won’t disband.”

According to staff members who have worked with S.H.E, they said that the three girls each have their own strengths; Selina is sweet, Ella is neutral and Hebe is the best singer. The producers will always arrange for her to sing the most difficult parts in each song.

Yuan Wei Jen from <One Million Star> has watched the girls grow up and 4 years ago, said that Hebe will be the first one to fly solo from S.H.E. Now, he still holds the same view: “Whether it is singing skills, sound quality, she is the one with the most personal characteristics, she is also a very hard-working singer.” As for whether he has received a song invitation from HIM? He is unable to reveal, due to commercial confidentiality.

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