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Charmaine Sheh hopes “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” will break “Jewels in the Palace’s record, Saturday February 21, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: February 22, 2009

Source: Takunpgao
Translated by: aZnangel @


Charmaine Sheh hopes “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” will break “Jewels in the Palace”‘s recordYesterday Charmaine Sheh was in TVB city filming for new series “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” (a.k.a “Palace Schemes”), this is also her first day back at work. The scene talked about her role as a palace maid, and that she was punished to go out and do harsh work for a month, including washing and ironing clothes. Although she needs to do harsh work, but Charmaine smiled and said that she looks forward in going to work because she already rested for 3 months, so now when she’s back at work, she feels very refreshed. She also hopes this series will bring a breakthrough and that the TV Ratings could break “Jewels In The Place”‘s record.


Turns out that this series has some resemblance to “Jewels in the Palace”, Charmaine will be playing a palace maid who grew up in the palace. Because of her temper and behavior, she was able to be promoted one level at a time, but in the end she won’t become a princess. Instead, she had always wanted to step ahead of Tavia Yeung and become one of the Emperor’s Concubines and make up to be pretty. As the series also as Charmaine’s rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng casted, but Charmaine expressed that their scenes together are not many, there will be about at most 10 episodes of their scenes opposite of each other. Asked if she would feel embarrassed? She said: “No, afterall it’s just work. Also we have known each other for some time. (Will you worry about spreading rumors again after this collaboration?) Can’t help it, will just take it as promotion.” Also, speaking of Michael Tao starting a little “war” with Sonjia Kwok about her being a “sex flower”, Charmaine expressed that she doesn’t know about it, so she has no opinion. But she hopes that this news can just hurry up and end.


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