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Composite nude photo of female actresses caused outrage on the internet; Kim Ah Joong speaks out, Sunday February 22, 2009 Korea

Posted on: February 22, 2009

Credit: KBites

Composite nude photo of female actresses caused outrage on the internet

A famous actress Miss K’s photo showing her nude upper body revealed on the internet has caused outrage amongst netizens.

The photo surfaced on one of the internet communities on 20th February. Both the face and upper body of the Miss K was exposed, she was also holding her coat on her hand and look ahead in the photo.

Some of the comments by netizens are, “Is this a composite photo?” and “I’ll be very shocked if this is really Miss K.”

It has been known that the actress in the photo is actress Kim Ah Joong. This is the second case of such composite photos being released on the internet after actress actress Son Ye Jin. After news went out, Kim Ah Joong instantly became #1 on internet search portals on 20th February.

While Kim Ah Joong’s management company has also came forth to speak up about the photo, “This is clearly a composite photo. We have gone to request for an investigation by the cyber police on 20th February. Legal actions will be made against the person who made the composite photo and also people who circulated the photo on the internet.”


Kim Ah Joong speaks out (Credits: allkpop)

If you haven’t heard the news, recently, there was a picture of Son Ye Jin (27) with her nipple showing floating around the Internet. It caused a huge scandal because Ms. Son is know for her “pure and innocent” image, and it was soon clarified that the photos were fake. Kim Ajoong (27) became the next victim, with a full-frontal nude picture of her hitting the websites next. News sites must be pretty thickheaded, because there were headlines like “Actress Ms. K’s Nude Picture Is Shocking” even though it’s pretty obvious that it was Photoshopped. Needless to say, Kim Ajoong is really pissed off and released a statement saying that she would never put herself in such a compromising position and that she cherished her image and reputation to her fans. The news sites soon followed with headlines like “Kim Ajoong Speaks Out About Fake Nude Picture”.

The recent turn of events have led to an “in-depth investigation” in Japan, and as it turns out, Japanese pornographic magazines have been spewing out pictures of Korean celebrities’ heads posted onto naked bodies. There are “reports” that these pictures are in Chinese pornographic magazines too. Comments to this incident were along the lines of “Maybe the people who made the photos did it as a joke, but to the victims, it’s very frustrating and embarrassing.”

What’s worse is that the picture of Kim Ajoong’s head pasted onto another body has spread like wildfire and they were the #1 search on various portal sites (probably because Son Ye Jin’s picture only showed a nipple, while Kim Ajoong’s show both breasts) Kim Ajoong’s agency has done a pretty good job of taking the picture down for now, but they’ll pop up like mushrooms again since the people who saved the picture will definitely post it again.

Her agency is currently monitoring all data related to the picture and are “dedicated to preserving the image of Ms. Kim, and we will find the perpetrator no matter what.”

NOTE: A composite photo is one where 2 photos are put together, ie, superimposing someone’s head on someone else’s body.


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