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Sung Yuri & Jo In Sung’s Past

Posted on: February 22, 2009

Source: All Kpop

Yep, these two who just shot a clothing ad have revealed that they are elementary school schoolmates. They are the same age, both born in 1981 and coincidentally enough they went to the same elementary school, work in the same management company, and even did a shoot together. Merely coincidence? But then again Korea is a small country.

On MBC’s Section TV the two talked about their elementary school days and revealed that they were both popular among the opposite gender. Jo In Sung commented, “Yuri was well known even then for being extremely pretty. I wasn’t popular. I was the captain of the baseball team so I always walked around in my dirty uniform.” To which Sung Yuri replied “Jo In Sung was popular as the captain of the baseball team. He was popular among the girls because he looked so handsome in his uniform.”

But despite being schoolmates and being under the same management company, they revealed that they weren’t really close because they didn’t have many opportunities to meet.

In the interview, they were asked what they wanted to do when they turned 30 to which they both replied that they wanted to get married with Sung Yuri adding she wanted to have a child by then. Aw, how cute.

Their elementary school pictures + Interview Pictures:


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