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‘Be My Guest’ stage version considering to invite Gillian Chung as guest, Monday February 23, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: February 24, 2009

Source: The title and content are directly translated from Mingpao
Translated by travelbug @

‘Be My Guest’ stage version considering to invite Gillian Chung as guest

Yesterday Stephen Chan was at CRHK to promote Be My Guest stage version which is scheduled for April, he disclosed guests for the three performances include Eric Tsang, Liza Wang and Dodo Cheng, and there will be a mystery guest for the last performance. As for whether or not the mystery guest is Gillian Chung, Stephen said: “We will reveal when tickets go on sale in March, the show is a little similar to City Forum (城市論壇) but the focus is on entertainment. (Have you considered inviting Gillian?) Many people want to come, we will announce the guest list when we’re certain. (If she has accepted the interview of Be My Guest TV version, will she come again to the stage version in April?) If she doesn’t think it’s a problem, in fact this can be considered.” Stephen said this time he did not deliberately not invite TVB fa dan and siu san, he felt that the existing guests already have many things they can share with the audience.

Asked about Angela Tong drunk drinking trial that has been postponed to next month, Stephen said: “I will remind her never to drink and drive!” Earlier she panicked and crashed her car in the parking lot? “It’s good she learned to be scared, I’m happy for her.”


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