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F4 Yoon Ji Hoo’s new hairstyle on eps 15 is hot topic, Tuesday February 24, 2009 Korea

Posted on: February 24, 2009

Credit: KBites

F4 Yoon Ji Hoo’s new hairstyle on eps 15 is hot topic

On the 15th episode of KBS ‘Boys Over Flowers’, F4 member Yoon Ji Hoo’s (Kim Hyun Joon) appearance with shorter hair has been one of the highlights to the episode.

After today’s episode, netizens had went on to online noticeboards and commented about Ji Hoo’s new hair, “Today, Ji Hoo’s hair is really pretty” “Cuter when it is short” “Looks like he came out from teenager comics”.

The reason for that was said to be that Geum JanDi (Goo Hye Sun) will be a college student from this episode onwards.



In this episode, Ji Hoo has also performed a serenade on the streets in Macau, and JanDi was obviously touched at that side. After which, JanDi’s shoes had broken and was carried on the back by Ji Hoo – all these while Goo Jun Pyo (Lee MinHo) looked on.

Also in Macau, Jun Pyo had come face-to-face with Ji Hoo, and Ji Hoo said, “I had gave up the thought of her my friend’s girl, I had wanted to give chances till the end but now I can no longer tolerate it.”

After returning to Korea, JanDi had kept on thinking about Jun Pyo and because of this, she had also made many mistakes at the porridge store. And coincidentally, while walking on the streets, she had stopped to look at Jun Pyo, who was then featured on the TV, and there she met Joon Hee (Kim Hyun Joo).

JanDi said to Joon Hee, “Actually, I lied.” Tearing, she told of how all these while she been thinking about Joon Pyo.

Meanwhile, Kang Hee Jang (Lee Hye Yeon) had invited JanDi to Joon Pyo’s birthday party. After hesitating, JanDi went to the party with Ji Hoo. In front of the many people at the pary, Kang Hee Jang had invited JanDi forward to perform at the piano. JanDi had then stepped forward, even though Ji Hoo had stopped her, to performed a song at the piano.

Kang Hee Jang had also announced Joon Pyo’s fiance Ha Jae Kyung (Lee Min Jeong) during the party which had shocked both JanDi and F4 members. Joon Pyo had pulled Jae Kyung rashly towards JanDi at the party – which led to JanDi’s misunderstanding once again.

Ji Hoo asked JanDi, “Are you that shocked at Joon Pyo’s fiance?” and JanDi replied, “No” but Ji Hoo had said, “I can tell from you eyes that you are not telling the truth. No matter what, you should have faith in him.” But it seems that the comfort-giving is just not enough.


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