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Kim So Eun Doesn’t Like Pretty Boys, Tuesday February 24, 2009 Korea

Posted on: February 24, 2009

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Kim So Eun Doesn’t Like Pretty Boys

Although most relate the success of KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers to the pretty boys of F4 who have easily charmed the hearts of female viewers, you cannot ignore the pretty girls of the drama, Goo Hye Sun and especially Kim So Eun. Many have been commenting on the official website, “She (Kim So Eun) is my ideal girl”, “I only watch the drama for Kim So Eun”, etc showing the immense popularity she has garnered since appearing in the drama.

While appearing in Boys Before Flowers, Kim So Eun also had a role in the Iron Empress concurrently as the young Hwang Bo Su, drawing praise from all quarters for her solid acting. To showcase her character’s leadership qualities from young, So Eun had to prepare 3 months in advance for her role, learning to speak the language (different accent), archery, expressions, horse riding, history studies, etc. She expressed, “I learned a lot before the drama to act as Choi Sira’s sunbaenim teen character but it was worth the effort as it was a great opportunity for everyone to know me. That was my thinking and spurred me on despite the hardship. So it was a pity that my part ended after 8 episodes. But it was good to have built a good foundation from this and I believe it will only help me greatly in the future.”

Because of the manga’s popularity, Kim So Eun had a lot of burden while preparing herself for Boys Before Flowers. So to prep herself even better, she watched all the drama and movie adaptations of the manga for her Gal Eul role. And something different in the Korean adaptation is that, Gal Eul will have a love line with So Yi Jung, 1 of the F4 members where she will show a more feminine side to her character and show her persistence towards love.

“I have yet to really have a real love relationship. But I have picked up quite a few tips through this drama. Although my character likes Kim Bum’s character in the drama, but my feeling is that compared to guys who look pretty/handsome, I prefer guys who are understanding, broad-minded, and can teach me a lot of things. That kind of guy is my ideal type.”

Coincidentally, both Kim So Eun and Kim Bum have lots in common. Besides 89 babies, both of them are currently studying at Chung-Ang University, majoring in film studies, so they are kind of linked together in real life. But that is not necessary so as So Eun explained, “Although Bum is studying in the same university with me, he has been very busy with Unstoppable High Kick and then East of Eden. It’s the same for me as I have to prepare for 2 dramas so there isn’t much free time at all as I am always rushing for my schedules. So actually, we don’t really keep in contact much. And even if we are filming for the same drama now, we only meet when we have scenes together, that’s it. But in future episodes, there will be more scenes of Gal Eul and Yi Jung together, so watch out for that everyone.”

Kim So Eun also mentioned that she is still on good terms right now with Super Junior members Kim Kibum and Sung Min, having worked with them in 2005. She was in a KTF commercial with Kibum and acted alongside Sung Min in MBC Sisters of the Sea drama.

And as for which movie of hers that has left a deep impression on her, So Eun picked The Show Must Go On. In that movie, she had a meaty role, acting as the rebellious daughter of Song Kang Ho’s character. “The movie filming felt like it was being filmed like what a real family would do. In fact, I still keep in contact with Song Kang Ho sunbaenim very often and he takes really good care of him. Regardless, this movie has left the deepest impression on me.”

Right now, Kim So Eun’s Cyworld minihompy has an average of 5,000 visitors daily who will also leave messages for her. Most showed their support for the SoEul relationship, “Simply too compatible with Kim Bum, please create a beautiful love”, “I only started watching Boys Before Flowers for Kim So Eun, fighting!”. So Eun said, “I am someone who loves to have a camera around and take a lot of pictures because I feel that pictures represent memories. Although I would love to meet up with my fans, discuss about the filming, little stories about my life but I am not able to. So I hope to translate my messages through pictures instead!”.


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I do like SoEulmates and I would like to asked if you can also posts in your blog about the url of her minihompy as well as of Kim Bum I have read that they didnt end up in the end of Boys over Flower 5 years later and I am bit sad about it. I mean why would they use different voice and not Ga Eun

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