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Lee Hyori, Idol Groups’ “Sister-Long-Legs”?, Tuesday February 24, 2009 Korea

Posted on: February 24, 2009

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Lee Hyori, Idol Groups’ “Sister-Long-Legs”?

Singer Hyori has become the “sister-long-legs” of popular idol groups. But that is not meant literally in that she has long legs, but refers to the saying “daddy-long-legs” which refers to a person that helps you out in secret. Her actions of helping out idol groups has thus earned her the title “sister-long-legs.”

Hyroi visited Seoul’s Olympic Park on the 22nd. That day idol group DBSK was holding The 3rd Asia Tour Concert – Mirotic. That day Hyori was there cheering on the group. Hyori was also at idol group Big Bang’s concert from 1/30-2/1 in Seoul’s Olympic Park. Hyori stars on SBS’s “Family Outing” with Big Bang’s Daesung, and is also close to the other members due to gayo performances. Thus she visited the performance to cheer on her close friends from Big Bang.

Hyori is also close to SS501 since they were once part of the same company. While they were still trainees, she gave them a lot of advice and looked after them like a real sister.

But of course this doesn’t only apply to boy bands. It’s been known that from time-to-time Hyori will also send encouraging messages to girl group Kara.

Hyori first entered the music world 11 years ago as a member of popular group “Fin.K.L”. “Hyori was once part of a girl idol group herself, so she knows the struggles and worries of them better than anyone. It’s her personality to share her experiences with everyone.”


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