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Super Junior-M update, Tuesday February 24, 2009 China

Posted on: February 24, 2009

Credits: Manager Kim’s Cyworld + SJ-M Baidu ba(Chi trans) + –dreamx@soompi(Eng trans) + jazzzza@multiply + SuperJuni-or13 forum +

Super Junior-M update

It was recently speculated that members of Super Junior-M were mobbed during an airport in China. The fans pushed and shoved to get a chance at touching their idols.

Henry Lau was reportedly injured from the incident. Bruises appeared on his fingers during a close up of his solo performance at the SJM fan meeting event.

Super Junior-M’s Manager than updated his cyworld expressing his thoughts on what happened.
Manager Kim (one of SJM’s manager) wrote an entry out to fans ( i think Chinese fans).

This is from when they were in Shanghai for FM 2/14.

Topic: Too Dangerous

The Wuhan/Shanghai activities ended… Their first album’s last official activity…
But everyone at Shanghai airport was too much…
This time, the members, because of you, chose to go the normal route… but the result…
No matter how much you want to do what you want… Not even thinking of others…
This time i also got hurt…
because of the above reason..
in the airport, your friends fell and you don’t care… wanting to take photos, wanting to touch the members…
wanting to help the friend who fell.. its impossible..
and the fan who fell, after getting up, still went over to take photos…
if you really love the members you really shouldn’t do this…
its too dangerous…
many people said [of me] at the airport.. at the scene i had an attitude problem [towards you]…
but, hope you’ll think again…
i’ve always been really thankful to everyone, but i hope you yourselves will change…
PS) Hope in 09, everyone will be happy.

Currently the Korean Members are back in Korea to work on 3 Jib while Zhou Mi is in China and Henry arrived in Canada on the 15th.

In related news Ye Sung has graduated from Chungwoon University.


2 Responses to "Super Junior-M update, Tuesday February 24, 2009 China"

aww poor henry.

awwwwwww poor little henry…if i was there i would had protected him…. too all u fan out there…. just love them dont hurt them….just say u love them and they know will know about ur love.. love suju m

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