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Intense Competition to be Yi Jung’s First Love, Wednesday February 25, 2009 Korea

Posted on: February 25, 2009

Credit: Coolsmurf

Intense Competition to be Yi Jung’s First Love

If you have been keeping up with KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers, you would probably have been hoping for more scenes between Yi Jung (Kim Bum) and Gal Eul (Kim So Eun) and most importantly a happy ending for them. But before the rumored happy ending, Yi Jung’s first love which was hinted subtly in episode 13 in a conversation will be making an appearance soon to create sparks between them both. Group Eight had started holding auditions more than a month ago to find the perfect first love for Yi Jung (another classic example of making changes to the script on-the-fly to accommodate us viewers).

Although Group Eight have managed to whittle down the candidates to just 2 girls, it has been difficult to make a final decision as each have their own pros and cons. Because of the fact that Lee Si Young had managed to made a name for herself in the limited amount of episodes with her bad girl role, competition has been intense in the auditions to be Yi Jung’s first love.

Considering the high ratings and popularity of the drama now, Group Eight has to decide carefully for the actress to fit the image of Yi Jung’s first love. Yi Jung’s first love will make her first appearance on 3rd March, next Tuesday in Episode 18. The concept and style of the character has been decided 1, 2 weeks earlier but the girl has yet to be chosen as yet.

Kim Bum expressed, “Am very curious exactly what interesting story surrounds this first love”, while Group Eight said, “There’s only slightly more than a week before episode 18 so we are getting ready to decide on who is going to play Yi Jung’s first love.” Netizens will probably go crazy when the actress name is finally announced.


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