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Kay Tse ‘rebuked’ by TVB, criticizes the lack of music platform, Tuesday February 24, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: February 25, 2009

Source: The title and content are directly translated from Mingpao
Translated by travelbug @

Kay Tse ‘rebuked’ by TVB, criticizes the lack of music platform

It has been reported that earlier when Kay Tse attended Hong Kong Singers Road to Being Famous (香港歌手成名之路) seminar, she openly pointed out that TVB has too many game shows and lacks a music platform, Jade Solid Gold is only half an hour long, everyone could only sing no more than 2 minutes, segments were cut and appeared fragmented. Yesterday Kay did a photo shoot for her new album cover, accompanied by her manager, record company excecutives and four assistants, she faced the media and denied criticizing TVB: “I was only sharing my thoughts and discussing with the students, I was telling the truth and did not intend to criticize or complain. I tried to explain why singers have to appear in entertainment programs other than music, it is because there are not enough music platforms, I hope everyone can understand the singers’ hardships, we need publicity.” She described her working relationship with TVB as pleasurable, after the news was published, she talked with TVB and came to a full understanding, “(this) has not affected our friendly relationship.”

Kay said she understands the media are curious to explore, but her character is naturally shy and also likes to separate work and real life. Even in the face of pressure and resistance, she will still persist and not compromise, “It’s unlike my character to talk about my private life.”


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