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Maggie Cheung returns to TVB, strives hard to earn money, Tuesday February 24, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: February 25, 2009

Source: The title and content are directly translated from Mingpao
Translated by travelbug @

Maggie Cheung returns to TVB, strives hard to earn money

Yesterday Maggie Cheung attended cosmetics brand Lancome whitening products campaign, she said she just had a whole month’s holiday and has stored up a lot of “energy”. She is now all ready to start work and actively discussing work in movies, TV series and commercials. She hopes to work hard this year to recover what was lost earlier when she was sick with thyroiditis, “Due to my illness I had to turn down a TVB series and missed the opportunity to collaborate with Michael Miu, soon I’ll return to TVB and finally have the chance to film a comedy with him.” Asked if she is worried about a relapse? Maggie said: “I’m fine, hope I can survive!”

Work will not affect marriage
About the impact of the financial tsunami that caused her wealth to shrink, Maggie said: “I want to keep one eye open, one eye closed, and take a down to earth approach to work. The financial tsunami is in fact a revelation, as long as Hong Kong people have stable jobs, they can safely face adversity.” Asked whether her boyfriend is a financial tsunami victim, she said: “Not only him, many people are.” Maggie places work first, will the wedding be postponed? She said: “Won’t be delayed, not so fast, wait till I’ve finished whitening first.” As for earlier photos of her secretly meeting her boyfriend, she said dating enlivens life.


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