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Promoting New Album in Singapore, S.H.E Teases Fans and Cajoles the Media, Wednesday February 25, 2009 Taiwan/Singapore

Posted on: February 25, 2009

translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC

Promoting New Album in Singapore, S.H.E Teases Fans and Cajoles the Media

Almost two years since their last visit to the “City of Lions”, S.H.E mischievously teased fans and humored the media in Singapore.

To promote the stamps that were printed with their own faces, to promote their album [FM S.H.E] and to meet their loyal fans, popular Taiwanese girl group S.H.E held a “three-in-one” press conference. It had been one year and seven months since their last visit to Singapore. Yesterday S.H.E was lively, approachable and adorable.

Dressed in white dresses which showcased their good figure and beautifully long legs, S.H.E was both youthful and sexy. As soon as they made their entrance to meet the media and over 100 fans, Hebe already could not wait to express: [We miss you so much] to win the hearts of their fans.

When Ella, who was wearing at least 4 inch heels, reported on her recent wellbeing, her self-mockery turned an accident that could be somewhat embarrassing into a lighthearted anecdote. She said that previously she “won a week’s vacation” because her eyes were injured when she was hit by a surfboard and poked fun at herself about how her injury was worth it but she had since recovered and was now “beautiful as ever”.

Just as she finished saying that, Selina immediately burst her bubble and retorted: [After she was injured, her brain must have suffered damage and became kind of strange.]

S.H.E kept making jokes and when they were asked to speak about their album, Hebe said right away: [I have already forgotten the details of making this album. Why don’t you listen at home and think about it yourself.]

This gave Ella an opportunity for “revenge” and teased her that she must also been hit on the head by a surfboard and therefore, had suffered similar brain damage. Ella’s teasing had the whole room burst out laughing.

However, when speaking about their turns as deejays to interview big name celebrities, the three pretty girls expressed in a rare moment of seriousness that when switching the roles around and became interviewers, although they were with good memories, they also discovered that doing interviews was actually not easy and they did not look forward to be deejays.

Comparing doing the interviewing versus being interviewed, they said in one voice that they did not like being asked overly gossipy questions or being asked the same questions over and over again because the answer they provided was not to the satisfaction of the media.

Perhaps they worried that the local media might be offended, S.H.E immediately soothed and cajoled: [Of course we are not referring to the Singaporean media. Singapore is so nice.]

So among all the celebrities they interviewed during their stints as deejays, which type irked them the most? Being savvy as they were, they responded very smoothly without revealing anything: [The artists that we interviewed would not irk us. Even if that did happen, we would not dare to say anything.]

Ella added: [They are all people with faces and names.] which led to Selina’s mock: [Who doesn’t have a face and a name?] and had the whole room roaring with laughter.

S.H.E Felt Honored to Have Own Stamp

To be the first international artists to have their faces printed on the stamps, the three cuties proclaimed in excitement: [It felt as if we are great heroes.]

When Ella saw the commemorative stamps with her face presented by the SingPost representative, she had high praises for the beauty of the stamps. She urged the fans to take the opportunity to purchase and “own” them but then she “warns”: [Don’t use it for mailing. I don’t want any marks on my face.]

Unlike Ella’s humorous tactics, Selina was more serious in her answers. She self-admitted that she was a homebody when she was younger and liked to collect stamps. She described in familiarity how, when she was young, she would soak the stamps on envelopes in water and put them away carefully after drying.

As soon as she said that, Ella who was teased earlier by Selina about brain damage, immediately chimed in and pointed at Selina: [When she was younger, she was also hit by a surfboard and suffered brain damage.] Once again, the whole room erupted with laughter.

Selina Revealed Hebe Most Publicly Self-Conscious

S.H.E had always been open in their conversations. From answering that they would become increasing wild when unhappy to singing when expressing their complaints, in the end, while talking about a time when they had to provide flight information during customs, they ended up singing it.

Selina said, when she and Ella went through customs, they sang out the flight number [BI314] to the customs agents and had them laughing aloud.

She then revealed that since Hebe was the most publicly self-conscious, she was sure that Hebe would not dare to sing out the flight information, so she and Ella started to heckle her on the “other side”.

Unable to defend against the two, Hebe ended up also sang out “Thank you very much” to the customs agents. Yesterday, she also demonstrated the sing-out on the spot.

Hebe Exposed and Invited Pictures to be taken

During the press conference, Hebe was sitting in the middle of the stage. Because she was wearing a short dress, there was a risk of being exposed. After being reminded by the reporters off stage, the promotion staff for the record company immediately handed her a jacket. For that, Hebe had this startling response: [Was I exposed? Quick, take a picture of me. I am exposed!]

Later, S.H.E posed for pictures for both the media and their fans. Hebe discovered that in comparison to their singing, the fans seemed to like taking pictures with them more. So she suggested: [How about if we don’t release any more album and just take pictures with you all everyday instead? We can take on different roles each day…as nurses on Monday, as sailors on Tuesday….]

Ella Admitted to be a “Cheap Woman”

When asked what was their source of happiness and how would they maintain a good mood, they said that whenever they encountered unhappiness, they would encourage each other, use humor as relief and straightforwardly admitted that they would “fight cheap with cheap” and mock each other without mercy.

And Ella was furthermore pointed by the other two that in relationships, she had the lowest value. To this,she “proudly” said: [I am so happy to become a cheap woman in Singapore.] which had the whole room laughing once more.

Singapore Press Conference @ RazorTV


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