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Edison Chen: Gillian Chung’s well-being is more important than my coming back, Wednesday February 25, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: February 27, 2009

Source: The Sun
Translated by: Firesheepy @

Edison Chen: Her well-being is more important than my coming back, Gillian Chung smiled and said that she was having midnight meetings in order to prepare for come-back.

Because he was attending the court case for the ‘in bed incident’, Edison hoped that those female stars affected would stand up soon, and claimed that their well-being is more important than his own coming back! For Gillian Chung (Ah Gil), who suffered silently for the past 1 year, was at a secret meeting yesterday, and was preparing for her come-back! Gillian, with a light makeup, smiled at the press, it seems that her preparation was almost done!

Gillian, who suffered massive stress because of the ‘in bed incident’ decided to come back next month, in the past few years, other than practising dance and learning Kungfu, she also went to Mainland to attend interviews for Charity. It was rumoured that Gillian secretly learned from Jim Chim, in preparation for her come-back in the entertainment circle! Actually, Gillian and Jim knew each other, they collaborated in movie <Beyond our Ken>, and on addition her good sister, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), learnt acting from Jim, and collaborated a few times! But, Gillian learning acting from Jim wasn’t planned by herself, but her manager Mani paved her path, and it can be seen that EEG supported Gillian.

Gillian, with the chances of coming back, had on a light makeup and was at a hotel yesterday, it was known that this trip was to visit Jim and to discuss about collaborating in the future. After a secret discussion for a few hours, Gillian went to EEG for a midnight meeting, although Gillian was chased by the reporters recently, but she wasn’t afraid, after getting down the car near EEG, she went to the herbal tea shop to buy some drinks for her assistant, and was very caring! In the meantime, reporters went up and take photos, although she didn’t answer any questions, but she smiled nicely, and this proved that she’s already back on track for a normal lifestyle!

On the other hand, after giving his statement in court, when the media interviewed him, Edison emphasized that his wish was for the victims to have a normal life again, he said: “I wish that every victim could stand up again, and I feel that this is more important than me!” After that, he used a serious tone and said: “Their well-being is more important than my coming back.”


1 Response to "Edison Chen: Gillian Chung’s well-being is more important than my coming back, Wednesday February 25, 2009 Hong Kong"

My best wishes to Gill. She has been very strong despite the enormous pressure put on her by society, and sometimes the press.

She is still the beautiful innocent Gill and I am sure will carry herself well as ever before.

Acting and being a public figure is not easy. I do hope that all her fans and the public will give her warm welcome back. She deserve no less!!

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