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Rumors: Nancy Wu not being courted; Sammul Chan troubled by rumors; Selena Li no underground love with Patrick Tang, Wednesday February 25, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: February 27, 2009

Source: Wenweipo, Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Rumors: Nancy Wu not being courted; Sammul Chan troubled by rumors; Selena Li no underground love with Patrick Tang

Yesterday Selena Li, Sammul Chan and Nancy Wu were recording on TVB’s new show about investments hosted by Carol Cheng.

Nancy Wu does not feel that she’s beng courted
The other day, there was a report about Nancy and Kenneth Ma dating. Nancy denied: “We are good friends, I don’t think he is courting me, so in the future when we meet, we won’t be embarrassed. As to if we have room for developing our relationship, we will have to look at fate. But he is the best guy on TVB, mouth and nose are very good. I hope that he won’t mind spreading rumors with me!”

Sammul Chan Troubled by Rumors
Photographed with a close “fat boy” friend on the streets watching movies and having dinner, Sammul Chan said that reports are so low. He said: “If it’s true, I will not be standing by the door allowing pictures to be taken! How high the level of possibility, you all think about it yourself.” He did not deny that the incident affected his friends, causing unnecessary troubles for them, he sighed and said: “Going out with a girl will start rumors, even going out with a male friend stirs up rumors. In no time, when I go out with my Manager for dinner, there will be rumors of Mother-Son Relationship! But I already told my friends to not go out with me until my series finish airing first. I will have to change myself back to the Super House Man.” Sammul is troubled by the rumors stirring up.

Selena speaks up, praising Patrick Tang
Selena Li who has been dating Patrick Tang for 4 years, but because she wants to secure her career, she turned to underground relationship. Yesterday she was photographed again with Patrick Tang on the streets buying doggie clothing. Towards this, she pretended to smirk: “Have we been ‘above the ground’ before? We have never changed, I are still very good friends. We keep in touch, but we don’t see each other everyday.” Besides her Patrick Tang added salt to the incident: “Why do you respond to the questions so unnaturally? We are good friends, on a rating of 1 to 10, what rating is he to her?” Selena immediately raised her hand to hit him, the scene was quite funny! Reporters asked if her and Patrick’s relationship is stabled? She said: “Me and him have a good friendship, there is no underground or above the ground relationships. (Asked if Patrick is a high-quality stock?) Patrick is a good guy, personality is great, is a great person to be friends with. (Will relationship last?) I hope that the situation could just flow naturally.”


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