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Joey Yung does not dare to teach Kay Tse, Thursday February 26, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 1, 2009

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Joey Yung does not dare to teach Kay Tse

Yesterday Joey Yung attended an event for Reebok, she expressed that this is her second year as their spokesperson. As to Kay Tse because of popularity, she was accused of bad mouthing TVB. Kay said that “Jade Solid Gold” does not give any time for Artistes to rehearse. Joey had once attended JSG with Kay and to avoid stirring up gossip, she was careful in her response. She said: “Hmm how can I reply to this? Actually towards any performance, we hope to be informed on what we are performing a week ahead of time, then we will rehearse at home. I am also a person who experienced this, maybe the report has some little misunderstandings. The rehearsals does not affect our elegance, I have already adapted to the way my surroundings work.” Does she feel that its necessary for Kay to have more rehearsal time? Joey said that each artist has their own experiences. She personally has gone through much training and practice to get the results she has now. Will she share her own feelings and experiences with Kay in order to teach her? Joey said that she does not dare to say teach, it is just that during an artist’s most important time, it is significant to not create any unhappy reports. And how can it be improved? Joey said: “I am actually very much of a failure, it is through experience and admitting that you’re wrong.”


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