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Kwon Sang Woo Claims Responsibility For ‘Shotgun Marriage’, Saturday February 28, 2009 Korea

Posted on: March 1, 2009

Credit: Hanfever

Kwon Sang Woo Claims Responsibility For ‘Shotgun Marriage’

In regards to the various rumours and speculations behind Son Tae Young’s pre-marriage pregnancy, husband Kwon Sang Woo finally made a direct reply in MBC’s “Golden Fishery” that was broadcast yesterday (25th). During the show, Kwon Sang Woo made official clarifications on the circulating rumours such as “pre-marriage pregnancy” and “plans in giving birth overseas”.

Kwon Sang Woo said: “Getting Son Tae Young pregnant before marriage was my intention, she was kept in the dark all along. I’m the ‘mastermind’. There were rumours claiming that I was forced to marry her because she was pregnant. This is definitely not the truth. In fact, it was my wish to marry her that I intentionally made her pregnant.”

He then added: “During the wedding ceremony, I cried out of joy. But to my horror, there were some netizens who described that as ‘the tears of a cow awaiting to be slaughtered’. The reason why I initially denied her pregnancy was to protect her from such misunderstandings.”

Apart from these, there was also a rumour regarding their plans to give birth overseas after they travelled to and fro Australia and America frequently.

Kwon explained: “Due to the amount of stress that will be exerted on Son Tae Young if she was seen at a maternal hospital before marriage, so we decided to go for checkups in America through a recommendation from a friend. In addition, even if we successfully give birth in Australia, the child will also not be able to obtain Australia citizenship. South Korea also has better obstetrics and gynecology equipments.”

During the talk show, one of the most eye-catching portion was the love letters between both of them and their in-laws. In a letter to his mother-in-law, Kwon Sang Woo wrote: “I will be careful when we start dating and I will do my best to protect her.” In reply, Son Tae Young’s mom wrote: “You are indeed a ‘pure/innocent’ young man. Hope you two will treat this seriously and may both of you be happily in love.”

Also, Son Tae Young wrote a letter to Kwon Sang Woo after giving birth to express her gratitude. She wrote: “I now have the child of the person I loved most, I’m already satisfied and happy with this.”

As for the reason in releasing these letters, Kwon said: “I’m very clear that our marriage will definitely draw a lot of criticisms. But only both us how true our love is for the half.”

Lastly, he made a wish and said: “I may not be able to become a top excellent actor but I still hope to at least hear comments like ‘the project that Kwon Sang Woo acted in is pretty good’.”


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