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Steven Ma 4th time shaving head, the more the luckier, Friday February 27, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 1, 2009

Source: Mingpao, Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Steven Ma 4th time shaving head, the more the luckier

Steven Ma will start shooting for TVB new series “Pu Song Ling Biography” (蒲松齡傳) and is now currently enjoying a small vacation. Yesterday he and a friend went to a Wishing Tree in Tai Po to make a wish and then ate authentic Hakka pork. He only spent a half day trip and was already very happy.

It has been known that if you toss the wishing disc high enough for it to land on top of the tree, the wish will come true. After Steven wrote down his wish down, he first went to the wishing tree to carefully study it before throwing it. He ended up making a successful throw with the wishing disc landing on the top of the tree, he was very pleased with the results. Seeing the disc up so high on the tree, asked Steven what he wrote down as a wish? He smiled: “The most important is to wish for good health, so can do whatever I want. The most exciting thing is that the throw was successful landing on the very top on the first try, so lucky! Having an authentic meal is never bad!”

Since Steven had been aware that acting is a pleasure, he has been actively practicing his Badminton skills, he felt that life is very siginicant: “actually I am currently quite happy, besides being able to play ball and reading articles, I am comfortable, spending my days happily.” Recently Steven has been working hard in preparing for the “Po Song Ling” role. Although, next month he will be shaving his head for the 4th time, but he does not mind, he only felt that the more head shaving the faster the hair will grow more dense, the more luck will come to him. This is Steven’s head shaving experiences!


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