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Father Chou takes Jay Chou’s dirty socks home to wash, Tuesday March 3, 2009 Taiwan

Posted on: March 3, 2009

Source: UDN

Father Chou takes Jay Chou‘s dirty socks home to wash

Jay Chou and his mother Ye Hui Mei are very close, in consideration for his mother’s feelings, he rarely talks about his father in public events. But in recent years his father has retired, the filial Jay was afraid he would be bored so he thought about investing in a stars’ second hand clothes business for his father to manage, “But my father’s thoughts are very naive, it seems like he has no business brain, and I didn’t want him to get exhausted, that’s why I’m still thinking of what I can let him do.”

Since retiring in 2002, father Chou has gotten a lot more time to visit his son with a homemade lunch, whenever he has time he also goes to the company to take his son’s dirty clothes and socks home to wash, sometimes he’ll even buy some big and small buns to reward the colleagues working hard with his son.

Talking about his father, a strange smile appeared on Jay Chou’s face: “Before, after I sang “Dad, I Have Come Back” I was very perplexed, my dad talked to me as well, because a lot of people associated things too much, they thought my dad looked like he could hit people, in fact he doesn’t.”

Even though after his father and mother divorced, he was in the middle of an awkward situation, but he was still filial to his father. 5 years ago, in order to fulfil his father’s wish, under his “Concerto 2nd” music production company, he bought luxury Cadillac CTS that once appeared in the movie “The Matrix” and gave it to his father for transportation, at the time the market price of the car was as high as 2.36 million yuan, he let his father enjoy the glamor and class of being a “star father”.

Talking about his father, Jay Chou expressed: “My dad was strict when I was young, he’s the kind of person that follows everything to the letter. I remember when I was young if I didn’t put my shoes on properly, like casually standing on the back of the shoes walking, I would get shouted at, but now even though I thought he liked talking but he was very humorous, like when he secretly left a note to remind me to take my medicine, but when I finally saw it I discovered, that note had been left a month ago.”

Also, since he has become famous and become the heavenly king of Asia, no matter where he goes to work, his mother would always follow, in order to look after her busy son, sometimes she generously hugs him in front of the cameras to leave behind a warm scene. He smiled saying: “Sometimes when my dad sees it he sends me a text message, it reads “you have to think about your dad”, this feeling is so cheesy, don’t even talk about two guys hugging each other, it’ll be even weirder, this feeling isn’t one I know how to speak of, but just knowing we care about each other is enough!”


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