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Michelle Ye transforms in ‘Vengeance’; becomes female lead for ‘man’ movies, Monday March 2, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 3, 2009

Source: Sina Entertainment [02/18/2009]
Credit: Michelle’s Realm

¬†Michelle Ye transforms in ‘Vengeance’; becomes female lead for ‘man’ movies

New era ‘To’s girl’ Michelle Ye, after playing an assassin in Johnny To’s ‘Assassins’ movie, she is favored by Director To once again to be the female lead in his first Hollywood production, ‘Vengeance’. This movie assembled Anthony Wong, Simon Yam, Wong Yat Wah, Johnny Hallyday, etc, reputable actors, Michelle Ye obviously becomes the only red flower among the many green leaves. Coincidentally, it was discovered that be it ‘Assassins’, ‘Vengeance’ or the recently released ‘Lady Cop, Papa Crook’, they are either associated with the triad society or the police storyline, and also the classic ‘man’ movies. Michelle Ye having successfully become the series queen, is now becoming the favorite female lead for these ‘man’ movies.

Director Johnny To has once told Michelle Ye, his choice to select her as female lead in ‘Assassins’ and ‘Vengeance’ is due to firstly, his recognition for her explosive performance as well as her outstanding lingual fluency, and secondly, she was more neutral and will not appear out of place among a crowd of men. Indeed, Michelle Ye is quite a flexible actress, the Shang Guan Hai Tang she played in ‘World’s Finest’ TV series, and the Mang Lai Kuan she portrayed in ‘Eternal Happiness’ are recognized as classic by audience, her dressing in male attire is definitely good looking enough.

In fact, Michelle Ye actually does have some knowledge and loves ‘man’ movies, the movie she loved most is ‘The Red Circle’, a movie of the past century, a popular French movie back in the fifties / sixties, led by popular actor Alain Delon. This movie was labeled the pioneer of the police-bandit theme movie, where later on several movies of the similar theme birthed from it. Female leads in ‘man’ movies are actually difficult to portray, requiring in-depth understanding and solid performance. Michelle Ye has rich experience in ‘man’ films, at times gentle, yet at times determined, at times elegant, yet at times simple, at times passionate, yet at times cold, a complex role definitely requires an experienced actor with solid acting performance. Just like the released ‘Lady Cop, Papa Crook’, the role Michelle plays is a gentle wife at times, yet at times a mysterious and unchallengeable mafia big sister, her natural performance left a deep impression for audience.


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