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Cast of “The Grand Entrepreneur” makes and signs a get well card for Nancy Sit; Anita Yuen sends text message, Wednesday March 4, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Source: Takungpao, Mingpao (image)
Translated by: aZnangel @

Cast of “The Grand Entrepreneur” makes and signs a get well card for Nancy Sit; Anita Yuen sends get well text message

Anita Yuen, Gallen Lo, Joe Ma, Sharon Chan and Kenneth Ma were filming for “The Grand Entrepreneur ” and the scene talked about them participating in a charity competition. Earlier, Nancy Sit was sent to the hospital during work because of an illness, there were rumors that because her bile duct and stomach has been infected. The entire cast had a very good heart, yesterday they made a get well card together for Nancy Sit, with each of them signing their autograph on the card, they plan to give Nancy the card, hoping for her to get better soon.

Asked Anita if she would go visit Nancy? Anita expressed that she knows that not many people are going to visit her, earlier she sent her a text message, although she’s still recovering, but Nancy will need at least 10 days before being released from the hospital. Anita felt that Nancy shouldn’t work too hard after she returns to work. She also expressed that the incident has not affected the filming process, it is only changing the filming dates.

Did she see Nancy’s sick appearence? Anita recalled when they were filming up in the peak, that she saw Nancy was in so much pain that her face was turning “green”, she couldn’t help but to tell Nancy: “Your kids are already grown up, you don’t need to work so hard.” Anita suggested that Nancy should take a break and rest after filming, but Nancy informed her that her schedule lines up to July 2009.

When Nancy Sit’s illness was mentioned, Sharon Chan expressed that she missed her very much, during filming Sharon saw that Nancy’s painful appearance, Sharon said: “She’s very generous, her health isn’t well and she still continued to film, she should rest up first before returning to work. Right now, there is us here to support the filming of the series.” As to if she visited Nancy? Sharon expressed that she might disturb Nancy from resting.

Joe Ma expressed that if he’s going to visit Nancy, he’s afraid that he’ll disturb her from rest, the most important thing is that everyone has a heart, that is enough.


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