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Gillian earns seven-figure paycheck for first assignment, Wednesday March 4, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Source: Yahoo! News

Gillian earns seven-figure paycheck for first assignment

An international jeans brand paid a seven-figure sum to Gillian Chung to be endorsee of the brand in the Asia Pacific region. On the day of the commercial shoot, Chung looked fresh but claimed to be very nervous after a year’s break. “I have been exercising these couple of weeks, sleeping early and waking early; I want to be in my best form for my first assignment after a year.”

For the advertisement, Brauhaus’s TOUGH Jeansmith transformed four hunks into demons, representing negative social influences; Chung, on the other hand, was seen without smiles, representing bravery in times of adversity.

The theme of the commercial “be TOUGH” tied in well with her experience in the past year. Chung said, “I’m happy to endorse the brand! The decorations and design concepts of the set are influential and made me feel very tough and cool when I was doing the shoot. In fact, I am also a tough girl, so the entire feeling was just right!”

According to reports, the commercial will launch in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia sometime mid March.

Chung’s image in this commercial is somewhat different from her past images; having been in the industry for some time, Chung has transformed from a pure and innocent girl to a sexy babe.

On Mar 2, she was seen in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, clad in a Japanese T-shirt printed with French words which expressed gratitude to the public. Chung commented, “I have strong will-power!”


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