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Kirsten Ren (Selina’s sister) accidently revealed that Ren dad doesn’t like Xiao Zhu, Thursday March 5, 2009 Taiwan

Posted on: March 5, 2009

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Kirsten Ren (Selina’s sister) accidently revealed that Ren dad doesn’t like Xiao Zhu

Kirsten Ren accidentaly revealed that Ren Ba isn’t pleased with her sister Selina’s rumoured boyfriend Xiao Zhu.

3 years ago “Xiao Zhu” Show Luo, Selina Ren and Mickey Wang’s triangle rumour caused a big uproar, causing Xiao Zhu and Selina to work further and further apart. At that time Ren Ba warned his daughter not to get a boyfriend that is too handsome. This made everyone think that Ren Ba had something against Xiao Zhu.

We would have never thought that last week when Kirsten went on to 100% entertainment to promote K.O.3an Guo, she accidentally confirmed this matter. During filming, Kirsten honestly admitted that Ren Ba wouldn’t approve one of her ex-boyfriends. Xiao Zhu who was at the side answered “same with your sister.” Then during the break Xiao Gui pointed towards Xiao Zhu and asked Kirsten “What does your dad think about him?” Kirsten shook her head and replied “Not satisfied.”

Towards this, Xiao Zhu said through his manager Xiao Shuang, everyone are friends. It’s not up to them whether their dad’s will approve them or not. But he feels that the audience shouldn’t just believe what they hear. He has once discussed hosting techniques with Ren Ba privately and their communication towards one another is very pleasant.

Yesterday Kirsten Ren said honestly that going onto Xiao Zhu’s Tv Show feels really different. “Xiao Zhu is a really funny person but sometimes I woud feel a bit awkward.” She can understand that her dad is trying to find the best for his daughters. “He thinks that we are too young and that we shouldn’t get a boyfriend yet.” And during the day of the filming she phoned Selina to share her feelings.

From when Kirsten entered the industry till now, Selina has been taking care of her little sister. When Kirsten is really discouraged then Selina would comfort and encourage her. When Kirsten was rumoured to be with Penny Xie from boyband Energy, she called her sister Selina. She didn’t even speak on the phone and directly cried. At that time, Selina said to her “You don’t have to care too much, It’s hard to avoid rumours, you have to be a lot more optimistic in the Entertainment industry.”


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that is so sad… 😦

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