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Tavia Yeung big mouth, punished to get slapped on mouth, Wednesday March 4, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 5, 2009

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @

Tavia Yeung big mouth, punished to get slapped on mouth

Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung were filming for new series “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” outside of the palace in a scene where a palace maid is pleading for the Emperor’s mother forgiveness. As the scene is on a ground made of stone, Charmaine was prepared: “I have to kneel down, so I stuck knee pads under my costume to help it. This scene talks about Tavia offending the Emperor’s mother’s right hand man, and is punished to shut her mouth. In the series, I was only punished to wash clothes, pretty comfortable.” But she smiled and said that the most comfortable time was when she was filming “War and Beauty”, which was mostly conversational scenes, just had to speak her lines!

Tavia said: “In the series, it talks about me being punished. There was one scene that talked about how I was being slapped on the mouth for offending the Royal members. Unfortuntely the scene required real hitting. As for the scene just now, they used needles to seal my mouth, although it was already made blunt, but it still hurts.”


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