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.H.E. Become Sexy Secret Agents To Sell Hamburgers; Fiercely Deny Rumors of Disbandment, Friday March 6, 2009 Taiwan

Posted on: March 7, 2009

Source: Yahoo! Taiwan, NOWNews
Translation: tammiest @

S.H.E. Become Sexy Secret Agents To Sell Hamburgers; Fiercely Deny Rumors of Disbandment

Continuing their red-hot popular “hot and sexy” look from 2008, S.H.E. once again transformed themselves into “sexy secret agents” to film a commercial for the fast-food restaurant chain for which they spokesmodel. This time, they donned black leather and each represented different things: “Spicy,” “Hot,” and “Enjoy.” In the scene where they are each striving to obtain the hamburger, their agility and nimbleness are comparable to those of the stars in the Hollywood film Charlie’s Angels!

When S.H.E., who had just finished enjoying a two-week vacation (for Chinese New Year), heard that they would be wearing skin-tight leather in the commercial, they immediately launched a “campaign” to lose weight. They gave up midnight snacking, ate only mild and lightly seasoned foods, and began jogging and swimming in their spare time– all to appear beautiful before the camera! Selina’s curves were revealed completely, and Ella showed off her sexy collarbone, while Hebe emphasized the lines of her shoulder and waist. The three girls daringly challenged their dressing “limits;” the results will make you gasp!

In order to fully cooperate with and express the plot of the commercial, S.H.E. very professionally ate nearly 20 hamburgers. They joked that they’d eaten enough for the whole day: “It’s a good thing we worked hard to lose weight the past few days… so that we can eat lots of delicious hamburgers today. It’s so satisfying!” Ever since S.H.E. visited India, they have learned to appreciate and cherish food even more. The commercial called for them to bite heartily into the hamburgers; Ella, who is very careful to cherish and value things, turned the hamburger around a bit after every bite. They could then use the same hamburger for many shots… instead of replacing it with a new one between every take.

A few days ago, the media reported that Hebe would be releasing a solo album; this triggered “panic” among S.H.E. fans. They began to worry that S.H.E. would disband. H.I.M. International indicated that, although it is true that they have been gathering and collecting songs for Hebe, S.H.E. would not disband. “We have always had our own different projects and plans, but it doesn’t mean that S.H.E. will dissolve or disappear. We will always go on singing together. Even if, in the future, we get married or have children, S.H.E. will always be S.H.E.!”


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