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Jill Vidal and Kelvin Kwan will be in Detention for 2 weeks, Friday March 6, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 7, 2009

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

 Jill Vidal and Kelvin Kwan will be in Detention for 2 weeks

February 24th of last week, Jill Vidal and Kelvin Kwan were caught possessing illegal drugs in Japan and were arrested. The two are currently in detention rooms in Tokyo’s police station, Jill’s manager made a special accommodation to go see Jill. Speaking to each other was prohibited, but Jill called her manager by his english name and may possibly be punished for that! There is news that revealed Jill and Kelvin will have to stay in Tokyo for another two weeks before returning to Hong Kong!

Although, Jill and her boyfriend Kelvin were arrested in Shibuya, but because the detention center there was full, so they were transferred to the detention center in the largest city in Japan, Tokyo. Each suspect can only bring three sets of clothing along with them and will be going to court the following day.

Besides their lawyer, they are not allowed to see anyone. The last few days, the two were trapped in their own independent rooms “facing the wall”. As for Jill’s manager, Joe Chan went to Tokyo and had special accommodations to see Jill, but during the time they were not allowed to speak, but when Jill came out with her “prisoner’s outfit”, wearing a one piece grey shirt, white socks and sandals, she accidentally shouted loudly of her manager’s english name Joe, she surprisingly shouted: “Joe!” and was immediately stopped by the Police. Jill may be penalized for her violation.

Yesterday, Media chased after another case
Before there were rumors that the two will only be in detention for 15 days, but because Saturday is not a working day, it was calculated that the two will be detained on the 11th. As for another rumor, because the two were involved in possessing marijuana, so the time spent in detention has extended to 21 days, but according to a reliable source, it is believe that the two could come back to Hong Kong on the 14th. Yesterday reporters were waiting outside of the Tokyo detention center and waited until the business hours ended, but did not see two important “important figures” in sight, it is believed that Jill and Kelvin are still in detention. Although Tokyo’s weather has been cold and rainy, but it still attracted many of the Hong Kong and local media to come watch. Turns out that the Japanese Media wanted to take pictures of other suspects on another case.

Because many Japanese police officers discovered recently that many local students are using marijuana, therefore Jill and Kevin possessing the same drugs have been quite nervous about it. But both of them expressed that the drugs were from Hong Kong and taken into Japan, more investigation will be taken. After investigation finishes, the Japanese police will contact their lawyers, if it is necessary for them to be bailed out, the two will have to pay the bailing fee, also they will probably have to stay in Japan for at least 2 months. They are required to report to Police in court to give evidence and if there is no real sentence for the two, they will be deported.

Promised before to work hard during New Years
Jill and her older sister Janice Vidal were filming a clip together to send New Year greets to their fans in January of this year. They also posted messages on their own personal websites, as for Jill, under the name of “Fighting” expressed that in the year of the Ox, she will work hard on her career, she even revealed a black bra and made many silly faces.

Also, reporters contacted Joe yesterday and he said that in the near future he will not be visiting Jill. He has not received any news from the lawyer on how the situation is and also does not know when Jill will be able to come back to Hong Kong, the most recent news is that he returned to Hong Kong this morning. As for Kelvin, the Vice President of Universal Music expressed: “There isn’t any new development yet, I don’t know when Kelvin will be returning.”


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