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Jill Vidal’s father shed tears at press conference when talking about his daughters childhood, Thursday March 5, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 7, 2009

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @


Jill Vidal’s father shed tears at press conference talking about his daughters childhood

Jill Vidal and boyfriend Kelvin Kwan were arrested in Japan earlier for procession of illegal drugs. Her former music record company held a press conference yesterday to explain the details. Jill’s father also came forward to apologize to the public on behalf of Jill, the whole time he appeared very nervous as his hand was shaking and even shed tears. A man tearing up while pleading for his beloved daughter, he hopes that everyone will give Jill another chance.

Once crowned as “Mai Wan Sisters” , the younger one Jill recently was caught in Japan for the procession of illegal drugs, dragging her image down along with her. Jill’s former record company Amusic held a press conference yesterday, Jill’s father Joey Vidal and the Executives of Amusic appeared to explain the situation. Mr. Joey Vidal seemed to have been very nervous the whole time, where he often fixes his glasses, brushes his face, touch his hair and many other small movements.

Prays that Jill will return home in peace
Jill’s dad spoke in English saying: “Something like this happening with Jill, as a father and her older sister Janice Vidal, we are very hurt. I understand that my youngest daughter is a singer and is a public figure, this time she’s involved with drugs will affect her image. I am feeling very regretful, before the case ends, I just pray for her to be in peace. But as a father, I of course hope that the Media and everyone will give her another chance because Parents’ hearts is like the heavens.”

When Jill’s father spoke about his daughters childhood, he began to shed tears: “The thing that I am most sorry about is that I never provided a healthy family for my daughter to grow up in, this is something that a father should take responsible for, I am sorry, hope that everyone will give Jill another chance, Thank you everyone.” He lift up his glasses to wipe away the tears, the Amusic Executives who were next to him, took over for him to explain the situation.

Janice sees her father for the first time at age 10
Janice and Jill Vidal had lived in a broken family, when the two were born, their parents had already separated, Janice lived with her mother in Korea, while Jill lived with her father in Hong Kong. Earlier Janice accepted a special interview and said: “Because I went back to Korea with my mom, so the relationship with my father is distanced, I only communicated with him through letters, when I was 10 years old, my mom moved to Japan, I returned to Hong Kong to live with my father and sister, that was my first time seeing my father.”

After separating with her mother for 6 years, Janice and her mother’s relationship was not as good: “At first she opposed for me to go into the entertainment circle and become a singer.” But, in 2007 Janice debuted and her mother came to Hong Kong to visit her daughters, she especially flew to Guang Zhou to enjoy Janice’s concert, pulling their relationship closer.


Fans Support the “Vidal Sisters”

Singers said “Stay Strong”, hope that Jill will face the matter with courage. Joyce Cheng’s boyfriend Mark Ryan also expressed: “Sorry to hear the news. Take care!”. Also, Jill and Janice’s fans wrote messages online to support the sisters, they hope that the incident could quickly be over with and that they can come back to Hong Kong soon. The fans expressed that they support the Vidal Sisters. In contrast, on Kelvin’s blog, there were many messages from fans saying that they are very disappointed in him, someone even denounced him and called him a “Fake Person”.


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