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Kim Hyunjoong “Driving to attend high school”, Saturday March 7, 2009 Korea

Posted on: March 7, 2009

Translated by: Sparkskey@
Credits: SS601 + Newsen

Kim Hyunjoong “Driving to attend high school”

Kim Hyunjoong revealed the incident of him driving a car to school when he was still in high school.

He said “Since a nuna I knew said that she was going to scrap her car, I took her car and started driving it” “Once I drove the car to school and found out that a teacher opened the school gates for me”. “My teacher hit me and convinced me that I can’t drive to school”

Kim Hyunjoong also said “Since it was winter then, and there was a lot of snow, the car door couldn’t open.” “In the end, the car remained parked in school till spring”, showing his weird side, “When I sent the car to the automatic car wash, since the sunroof was spoilt, the water was pouring down on me” he added.

SS501’s Kyujong who was also there added “He loved that car so much he even slept in it”, showing Kim Hyunjoong’s love for his first car

‘Flower boy’ Kim HyunJoong “I want to do my utmost best as YoonJiHoo”

(Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

“Be assured that I will re-take the place as leader when I return as a singer and have a new start…Please look forward to our concert in July”

SS501 Kim HyunJoong (23) who gained a lot of love through his role as ex-president’s grandson Yoon JiHoo in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, had expressed his gratitude to his fans through his group’s official homepage.

In the message that Kim HyunJoong wrote on 05-Mar, “Thank you for the popularity award. Sorry for saying my gratitude late” After delivering his greetings, he continued “You wouldn’t know how stressed it is to be switching temporary from a singer to an actor and how nerve-wreaking it is”

He also emphasized “Though it was difficult, it seems like I was able to pull through because of all our Triple S” & “Right now, not much time left until the end of my drama-acting life, I will work hard until the end and show you my good work”

Kim HyunJoong expressed his determination “After the drama ends, I will come back again as Kim HyunJoong but up till now, I want to do my best as Yoon JiHoo, as an actor” & “Though YoungSaeng is currently the leader, I will retake back the role as leader of SS501 and have a new start”

Lastly, Kim HyunJoong said “Please look forward to the fanmeeting cum comeback showcase cum concert in July” & “We will make it worthwhile for your anticipation”


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