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Vic Chou Puts His Life on the Line: Suspended in Mid-Air for 3 Hours, Friday March 6, 2009 Taiwan

Posted on: March 7, 2009

Source: Liberty Times
Translation Credit: tammiest @

Vic Chou Puts His Life on the Line: Suspended in Mid-Air for 3 Hours
So Hot That His Fake “Blood” Make-Up Began To Come Off!

Vic Chou YuMin (ZaiZai) put his life on the line to film his upcoming drama Black and White. In one scene, he meets with disaster and is captured by the villain and suspended high up in the air; Vic himself was lifted to a height approximately three or four stories from the ground and then suspended there for more than three hours. Once they finished filming, he collapsed to the ground. He ached all over, and his legs felt like lead… he hurt to the point where he could find no words to describe his pain!

Suspended on Steel Wires for Three Hours; Suffered, Legs Felt Like Lead

Black and White, a drama directed by 蔡岳勳 Tsai YueXun, will air on PTS beginning in April. Because Vic’s character is that of a 痞子 “ruffian” cop, most of the dangers and the pursuit of the villains are taken on by the 英雄 “hero,” 趙又廷 Mark Chao YouTing. In one scene, however, Vic and Mark’s characters are on an investigation when they are captured and subsequently bound and suspended in mid-air by the villain. In order to film this scene, the production crew chose to use the warehouse of an iron sheet manufacturer. Six strong men had to pull together to hoist Vic and Mark up into the air. Additionally, the two actors had steel wire only around their waist areas; there was no support for their legs, and they could rely only on the strength of their backs and waists to support their entire bodies.
* Translator’s Note: Although the official English title of this drama appears to be Black and White, a more accurate translation of the Chinese title, 痞子英雄 pi zi ying xiong, would be The Ruffian and the Hero.

Warehouse Too Hot; Make-up Artists Hurry To Fix Make-up

They filmed this drama in mid-summer; the temperature inside the warehouse was extremely high. Vic was suspended in mid-air; there was fake “blood” on his face from his earlier struggle with the villain. Unfortunately, because of the high temperature, the fake “blood” (make-up) began to melt and paste, getting all over his face. The make-up artist was forced to go up onto a high platform in order to fix and redo his make-up.

This isn’t the first time Vic’s gone up on steel wires, however. While filming Mars, he was once asked to jump down from the tenth floor. Mars was another one of Director 蔡岳勳 Tsai YueXun’s works; it seems that, each time Vic films with Director Tsai, he is left with an unforgettable experience! The director’s wholehearted, life-risking attitude toward work has also left a deep, profound impact on him.


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