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Joey Yung urges Audience to support Gillian Chung; bopped in the head at Concert, Sunday March 8, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 9, 2009

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Joey Yung urges Audience to support Gillian Chung; bopped in the head at Concert

[Oriental Daily] Last night, Joey Yung opened her “Starlight 2009” concert in Macau. Although she was bopped on the head by a stick during one of her dances, but her fast singing and dancing made the entire setting very high, as the audience even stood up to dance along. As for Gillian Chung’s interview, she sighed: “She’s not Cecilia Cheung, Ah Gill isn’t the type of person who knows how to express herself very well.”

Yesterday, Joey’s concert was held in Macao Arts Hall, EEG’s executive Ng Yue, Myolie Wu and Nancy Wu also were present to support her. Joey continued her powerful fast dancing and singing, even leading the audience in the entire concert to get up and actively jump, the atmosphere was quite high. During the concert, Joey was accidentally hit on the head by one of the tossing sticks from the male dancers. Miserably winning the “head award”, Joey was only able to rub her head while smiling sillyily.

[Mingpao] Gillian Chung accepted an interview on “Be My Guest” and has attracted huge response from the public. The Broadcast Authority and TVB have been receiving many complaints from the audience. As one of Gillian’s good friends, Joey Yung strongly expresses the frustration: “Ah! Actually I feel that there will be people out there that will like it and there will be others who won’t like it. Ah Gill was brave enough to take the first step, we all should support her. Ah Gill was brave enough to come out and face her past, everyone should use a postitive attitude to encourage her. Ah Gill did not express herself like how Cecilia Cheung did, hope that everyone who watched the interview will be able to understand Ah Gill more. Although Ah Gill’s interview received so many negative feedback, but she tried very hard already to open her heart already.”

No guys to introduce to Ah Gill
As to Ah Gill once thought of committing suicide, Joey said: “At that point of her life, it is inevitable that she thought that. Every person has a past, so just let it pass then!”

Joey expressed that there was a time she wanted to invite Ah Gill to talk, but because of her busy schedule, therefore she’s not the person who spent the most time with, with Ah Gill. Joey said: “We would avoid sentitive topics, pretend it never happened.” Ah Gill hopes to find a guy who could protect her, asked Joey if she has anyone to introduce to her? Joey smiled and said: “We are on the same boat, temporarily don’t have any.”

Exposed once liked someone in Entertainment circle
Last night, Joey was in Macau for her concert “Starlight – Joey Yung’s Macau Concert 2009” . She expressed that in these 10 years, she has liked someone before. Asked if the person who she liked is within the entertainment circle? Joey said: “Both in the entertainment circle and out, but that’s not related! I had everything, secret love, crushes and first love, and if I have a good life, I could be someone’s mom!”


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