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Jolin praises Jay, saying that he is a ‘real man with shoulders’, Sunday March 8, 2009 Taiwan

Posted on: March 9, 2009

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by Initial E @

Jolin praises Jay, saying that he is a ‘real man with shoulders’

The ‘Double J’ relationship is a thing of the past, but there are no malicious remarks passed, with Jolin Tsai(蔡依林) praising her ex, Jay Chou(周杰倫), as a man with ‘shoulders’ – meaning that he is someone you can rely on.

In the title track ‘Real Man 大丈夫’ in Jolin’s new album, part of the lyrics contain this verse: ‘I don’t need a boyfriend, I just need a man with shoulders 我不要找男朋友,只要有肩膀的男人’. In the past, she had a torrid relationship with Jay, and now, though its been a few years since they broke up, when she talked about Jay, she generously praised him, saying that he has ‘shoulders’.

What does ‘has shoulders’ mean? She described it as someone who “can take care of girls well, and when he says he will do something, he will do it.” The reporter asked Jolin to list an example, and she said: “Whenever I have problems with work-related things, I can go to him for help, and he can help me think of ways to solve them, and teach me as well.” Does this mean that she is still in contact with Jay? She declined to talk about it further.

Looks forward to love with her boyfriend

In yesterday’s shoot, Jolin sat on a box, showing off her beautiful legs. The T-Shirt she was wearing was part of the limited edition gifts when she worked together with ‘Seventy Two Changes’. Her legs were sexy and alluring, mainly because she rubs lotion on them everyday. She is usually impatient, and she reveals that she only takes 10 minutes to have a full shower and rub lotion. She laughed saying: “This is because I have a lot of practice!”

Talking about self-maintenance, Jolin said that she was more hardworking in the past, and would apply skin care products on both her hands and legs. Later on, she would use fresh-keeping film to wrap herself up like a mummy. However, right now her love life is empty, and she cannot be bothered with it at the moment, hence only doing the basics. She joked saying that she wished that she could have a boyfriend soon, and he would help her smear skin-care products on her face.

Jolin Tsai Tunes up for ‘Butterfly’ (Credit: Crienglish)

Fans of Taiwan pop diva Jolin Tsai can get a sneak preview of her new Mandarin album “Flower Butterfly” tomorrow when the video of the title song premieres on a screen at the World Trade Plaza in Beijing.

The music video of the title song “Real Man” will be shown on Asia’s largest LED-screen before the offcial release of the album on March 27, website reports. Entertainer Nick, the leading man in the music video, sings a rap part.

In the lead-up to the release of her new album, Tsai asked American dancer and choreographer Jonté Moaning to choreograph some of her videos and took ballet classes to broaden her dancing skills, the article said.

The new album is Tsai’s first produced by Warner Music. Previously released promotional photos show the singer hanging upside-down from wires to create a shadow of the shape of a butterfly wing.

Jolin Tsai battles with a bath everyday, laments that she has no boyfriend to help her apply face masks (Source : Yahoo TW, Translation by MoonlightD @

Jolin Tsai not only sings new song “Real Man”, she also wants to find a “real man” to be in love with. The real man in her heart is a man “with a shoulder” [T/N: Someone who can support her], one who can live up to his words, won’t easily tell lies, can take care of a woman, can help solve problems, can teach her many things. Were the men she dated before ones “with shoulders”? She thought about it for awhile and said, “They all were.” She has made a turn in praising Jay Chou and Eddie Peng as “real men.”

While speaking about previous relationships, she still nevertheless keeps it on a low key and was unwilling to answer as to what her past boyfriends taught her. She would only say, “It’s alright as long as I know.” However, her new album still has not included Jay Chou’s production. Her manager, Jiang ChengJin expressed that they did not know whether the other party has the desire to write one. Therefore, they did not extend an invitation for a song.

Even though she has been called a “butterfly”, Jolin stated outright that no one has pursued her recently. She even ridiculed herself saying that she does not have the life of a quality woman. She has no patience to enjoy a SPA, bathing 10 minutes is enough. Applying masks to her face and maintaining it depends entirely on herself. Once she entangled herself in plastic wrap like a mummy in order to maintain her body [T/N Body Wrap]. However, she has also said, “Next time, I want to find a a guy where we can help each other apply masks to our faces and maintain our bodies.”


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