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At age 19, Jennifer Tse smoked marijuana without parents knowing, Tuesday March 10, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 11, 2009

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

At age 19, Jennifer Tse smoked marijuana without parents knowing

Jennifer Tse and Joyce Cheng are many years of good friends as they were childhood friends. Last night, the two attended a French accessories brand LONGCHAMP’s 2009 Spring and Summer Handbag Fashion Show. This is the first time that the two girls attended an event as models. On stage, Jennifer and Joyce were filled with chemistry and offstage they praised each other’s professionalism. Their connection is indescribable.

Speaking of Kelvin and Jill’s recent case of marijuana possession, the straight-forward Jennifer Tse daringly admitted that she smoked marijuana before, even her parents didn’t know about it. She said: “In the private school I went to in Vancouver, the school strictly prohibited drug use. Until I was 19 years old, when I was in college, there was one time I tried it, but the feeling wasn’t good at all. I like to be sober, so I will not do it again.” Jennifer expressed that the smoking marijuana image is very common in Canada, her friends does it too, “When I was 16 years old, there was some people who tried to tempt me into smoking it, but I don’t regret trying it.”

Joyce Cheng who also grew up in Canada also agreed with Jennifer’s comment, she said: “When I was studying in college, there were many people around me who smoked different types of drugs, I also saw some people who were taken to the hospital because of smoking the drugs, it’s terrifying. Sometimes my friends and I would go out for Karaoke, the place would smell like marijuana, it smells disgusting to me, so I do not like to try it. I will also listen to my mom, smoke less.”

Joyce Cheng with pride, her body figure is OK
Joyce is full of confidence, she expressed that this is the first time working with Jennifer in a fashion show and is not afraid to be compared. She said: “Before there was some nonsense reports about us not getting along. The reality is totally opposite, I am not the girl who will go down the sexy girl route, so I’m not afraid to be compared. Actually when I see some models who have such long pretty legs, I feel a bit inferior! For this catwalk, I purposely lost some weight, each day I would make my own sandwich and bring it to work. I feel that my appearance is pretty ok.” She expressed that later she will be a guest performer with her mentor Liu Jia Chang. In the next few days, she will rehearse, “I already called Liu Jia Chang’s wife before and asked about his condition, I have full confidence towards my teacher.”


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