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Sunny Chan accused of another sexual harassment case, urges to release names, Monday March 9, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 11, 2009

Source: Wenweipo
Translated by: aZnangel @

 Sunny Chan accused of another sexual harassment case, urges to release names

TVB’s new series “The Winter Melon Tale” cast members Sunny Chan, Liu Kai Ji, Nancy Wu, E02 and Producer Poon Ka Dak attended the promotional event. Female lead, Louisa So was absent because she’s in the States for some education and was not able to attend. Louisa was replaced by a cardboard cutout of her and did the promotion for the series through the phone.

Yesterday at the promotion, Sunny Chan was about the recent incident of a Mainland male singer who exposed that there was a Hong Kong Actor who was drunk and tried to “manipulate” the girls around him, but he did not reveal the name of the Actor, he only told Reporters to look on his blog where the pictures were posted. On the blog, only pictures of Sunny Chan, Eric Tsang, Eric Suen and Edmund So were seen. As for being a suspect once again for another “salty pig hand” incident, Sunny sighed and said: “I don’t even know this person, I’m not sure what the problem is, so I don’t need to respond. If something did happen, just reveal the name, I do not want to second guess someone’s motives.” This is not the first time Sunny had been involved in such incident, he was asked if he has some kind of special fate with these types of news? He said: “I will not respond. I collaborated with many different people in series and I took many pictures with other people, I cannot remember so many things. (In the future, when you take pictures, will you be more careful?) I take many pictures every day, if someone told you that they like you, will you just reject taking pictures with them? The entertainment business is like this, when there’s space, there will always be someone talking about you.”

Nancy Wu expressed that in the series she and Ellesmere Choi will have scenes together, as to Ellesmere haven’t been present in the promotions, Nancy frankly said that she doesn’t know and was asked if its because he was on the news headlines earlier that he rejected to attend? She said: “The characters from the series are all very healthy, I feel that he won’t be avoiding to attend because of the past incident. I believe that the Producer treats all artistes very well, maybe in the next promotion he will be here.” In the series, Nancy plays a Fox and when she gets angry, her eyes will turn read and her 9 tails will appear. Asked if she’s worried that children might not like her role? Nancy said that she believes that the children will know that it will only happen when she gets angry.


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