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Bernice Liu breaks into the Film Industry, Evil role in new film, Wednesday March 11, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 12, 2009

Source: The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @

 Bernice Liu breaks into the Film Industry, Evil role in new film

A body figure like a doll, Bernice Liu fired into the Film industry, last year she filmed “The King of Fighters”. Next month she had accepted to shoot a Hong Kong film titled “滅門” (Extinct). She will be playing a big sister from a triad. In the film, she will be collaborating with Simon Yam and Andy On. Taiwan Idol Mike He was originally going to be participating in the film, but because he is still currently filming for a new series with Charlene Choi, he was unable to be apart of it. The film company will have to choose another person to replace him. As in Bernice’s last film, she played a female assassin, in the new series, she will continue this trend. The only difference is that in this film, there will be many bloody scenes, but she has done all preparations. Last year after shooting “The King of Fighters”, she had been practicing her martial arts with her instructor to maintain her abilities. Yesterday Reporters contacted Bernice, but she did not seem to want to say too much: “It’s not convenient for me to talk about it now, will need to wait until the company announces it first!”

TVB’s Executive Virgina Lok denied that Bernice will be focusing on films, but she expressed that when theres good scripts, she will be accepting them too. She also reveals that Bernice will be auditioning for two new English films: “Last time when she shot ‘The King of Fighters’, it went very well. Bernice’s english and action movements are done well, so will continue to let her film. (Will you be afraid that Bernice might ruin her image after this role?) Nope, Evil roles might very well be a stand out point, the most important is good acting.”


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