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Jiro Wang madly loves a 10-pack, Wednesday March 11, 2009 Taiwan

Posted on: March 12, 2009

Source: China Times
Translated by catalie @

Jiro Wang madly loves a 10-pack

Show Luo was noticed by famous brand Cartier and rose from a typical Taiwanese guy to a stylish man. After him, Jiro Wang also caught the attention of the label, being seen as fashion’s new stylish man. In CTV and GTV’s [ToGetHer], Jiro Wang has numerous topless scenes, adding points to his masculinity. At his peak, he had trained until he had a 10-pack, also attracting attention from the gay market.

Jiro has been going to the gym since he was 22 and in the past 5 years, he has maintained a routine of going twice a week. Already possessing a muscular build, for this drama he took his training to the extreme in order to maintain the best figure, going to the gym five times a week. Even though he’s very tired after work, he will still work out for 1-2 hours, “Even if I have to start work at 5-6 am the next day, I’ll still go to work out at 1-2 am.” No wonder he could produce a 10-pack from working out.

There are gay men that especially like his type; charming looks, plays in a band and can also do make-up. He doesn’t mind being admired by gay men. When he was studying at Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School and was in a band, there were 5 people within his friends who all liked one member each. “From them, I’ve learnt a lot; they’re very attentive, have good fashion sense and are very creative and artistic. I feel honoured to be liked by them.” Within the industry, many of his make-up artists, stylists and shopkeepers that he’s friends with, are also gay.

When he was posing for Dunhill’s Autumn-Spring male clothing and Cartier’s jewellery and watches, he started talking about his idol Daniel Wu, “His acting is very real, there was one movie where he was so shocked that he cried and peed at the same time. Even a handsome person can perform such a scene so realistically.” He hopes that he can try more diverse roles but Rainie Yang blurted out that Jiro has idol burdens; even when he’s making faces he holds back. It turns out he is afraid of getting wrinkles, “A senior reminded me not to make such exagerrated expressions, after all, we are idols and must rely on our face to make money.”


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