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Rainie Yang says sense of insecurity affects her love life; Plenty of room for DongLin love, Thursday March 12, 2009 Taiwan

Posted on: March 12, 2009

Source: New Paper

‘I’m a tomboy around guys’; Rainie Yang says sense of insecurity affects her love life

SHE’s a cute top-selling Taiwanese singer. But Rainie Yang, 25, has her moments of insecurity.

In a recent interview with The New Paper, she recalled how she was once dissed on the streets of Taiwan when she started out in showbiz.

Rainie, then only 16, and had just been recruited to join the now-defunct Taiwanese girl band, 4 In Love.

She said: ‘I was very unpopular when I entered the entertainment field.

‘I remember once, someone walked past me and said ‘Do you think you’re really that pretty?’

That wasn’t the only incident that stung her.

She was browsing in a bookshop in Taiwan when a stranger pointed to her and muttered: ‘I don’t even remember her name, she’s just a nobody.’

But don’t let her sweet and fragile looks fool you.

She wishes her detractors would just ‘scold me to my face instead’.

When 4 In Love disbanded two years later, she found fame with the role of Qi Yue in the 2005 idol drama, Devil Beside You.

Already a household name by then, she went on to record four albums. The latest, Not Yet A Woman, was released last November.

Rainie was in town recently to promote her latest drama, ToGetHer, which is currently showing on Channel U, with co-stars Jiro Wang and George Hu.

She plays Momo, a social hermit whom is obsessed with a comic character who she believes would come into her life one day.

Jiro, 28, is a member of Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit and American-born George, 27, is best remembered for his role as Nan Feng Lin in the 2007 idol drama, Romantic Princess.

Criticisms, Rainie says, have kept her grounded but they have also increased her self-doubt.

She said she even gets insecure over whether her friends want to go out with her.

Said Rainie: ‘I always make sure I ask them way in advance if they want to spend time with me.

‘My biggest fear is if I ask them on the day itself, they will reject me.’

These anxieties have even been a hindrance in her love life.

Behaving like ‘one of the boys’ is second nature to her. She does it in a bid to bond with the opposite sex.

‘My girly side won’t come out at all and I become such a tomboy. That is why my co-stars have never been interested in me,’ she said.

Rainie admitted that she has had her fair share of celebrity crushes, with her all time favourite being recently-married Hong Kong actor Tony Leung.

But when she was younger, the female celebrity she adored was Japanese actress Atashi Yumi. She would even go all out to emulate Yumi’s physical appearance by wearing ‘braces so that I could have her smile’.

Hard but fun

As for what it was like filming with two cute hunks, Rainie said the hardest parts were the tear-jerking moments which drained them emotionally.

She said George was the best at such scenes as he could cry on cue whereas she and Jiro would have to prepare in advance.

But there were fun moments too, like when she had to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Jiro.

She said she had to get into a ‘kissing position’ while Jiro practised ‘spitting water out’. He ended up throwing up a mouthful of water on Rainie’s face.

‘I was completely all right with it,’ she said. ‘It was just water.’ Then she added with a giggle: ‘And I bet a lot of girls are envious of me now!’

Rainie? She’s just a good friend

IN THE drama ToGetHer, Jiro and George play guys who are in love with the same girl.

What about in real life?

Jiro quickly insisted; ‘No, Rainie’s really just our machi (good friend).’

But he and George agreed that it is easier for them as actors to date an actress.

George explained that female celebrities would be used to the paparazzi and there would thus be more ‘mutual understanding’ in the relationship.

The actors also said they could relate to their characters who are both otakus.

Otaku is a Japanese term used to refer to people who mostly stay at home and have obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games.

Jiro admitted that his love for collecting comics is ‘legendary’.

As for George, he said: ‘I was so crazy over this comic called Gen13 that I once drew out the entire comic.

‘Sometimes I would draw it with an altered storyline, that was how obsessed I was with it.’


Da Dong only has Rainie Yang’s number; plenty of room for DongLin love
(Source: China Times; Translated by catalie @

Jiro Wang (Da Dong) has worked with idol drama leading actresses Ariel Lin and Ella but Rainie Yang who he worked with for CTV & GTV’s [ToGetHer], is the only lead actress with whom he has exchanged phone numbers and personally called. Not only do they send text messages to each other, they go out to sing and eat together, and even have tacit understand, turning up in “couple outfits”.

Previously rumoured not getting along; Rainie is the first to talk and break the ice

The two seem to be getting closer so is “DongLin love” beginning to emerge? On the 10th, Da Dong admitted that feelings depend on fate and Rainie Yang who has not dated for two years, urges herself never to set up boundaries when dating, leaving lots of room for imagination.

While Da Dong was filming [ToGetHer], he and Rainie were once rumoured to be not getting along well because in the film they were in love but offscreen, their interactions were like “ice”. Da Dong explained, “I’m not that good at talking to girls and I also get scared that I’ll talk too much and people will think I’m trying to hook up with girls.” Later, Rainie took the initiative to finally “break the ice”. At the very beginning, she complimented his figure and personally, she also comes up with topics so they can develop feelings for the drama. Da Dong said, “I really am quite slow when it comes to emotions.”

Both compliment each other; she is dainty and cute* while he is faithful

Da Dong admitted, “She has another, rather attractive side. When I was very high in spirits at the KTV event, she was very focussed, just like a little fangirl. She really has a 小鳥依人 side.” Rainie also called Jiro faithful and romantic man. Dating people within the industry, there are more advantages than disadvantages because you both understand what the business is like. She dates based on emotions; Linda and Patty Hou both introduced chauffeurs to her, but she rejected them all.

*小鳥依人 – the appearance of a woman or a child who is dependant upon others, and is also dainty and cute


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