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Will Boys Over Flowers end with Goo-Geum or Yoon-Geum?, Thursday March 12, 2009 Korea

Posted on: March 12, 2009

Credit: KBites

Will Boys Over Flowers end with GooGeum or YoonGeum?

There has been so much debate lately over KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ drama love triangle between Goo Joon Pyo (Lee Min Ho), Geum JanDi (Goo Hye Sun) and Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong).

Currently, the progression of the story is such that there are 2 possible relationship: Goo-Geum (Goo Joon Pyo and Geum Jan Di) and Yoon-Geum (Yoon Ji Hoo and Geum Jan Di) as coined by netizens.

Many viewers are looking forward to blooming of the love relationship between Goo Joon Pyo and Geum JanDi with Goo’s firm love confession towards Geum, and even though the 2 will quarrel on many occasions, the sweet love that Goo has for Geum is clearly obvious.

While the number of viewers rooting for the Yoon-Geum relationship has been on the rise, more viewers have been relating to the sunflower love that Yoon showers on Geum. Both have been giving each other comfort and solace with Yoon’s dealing of his sad family background and Geum with not giving up after facing all the obstacles.

The ending to the original, Japanese and Taiwan version was that of Goo-Geum.

It was planned that the ending to the Korean version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ to be that of Goo-Geum. But the production to the Korean version of the drama has revealed that they may have an ending that is different from the original version.

Especially after the 2nd half of the drama, with the appearance of Goo Joo Pyo’s fiance Ha Jae Kyung (Lee Min Jung), the 4-sided love story have got fans thinking about the possibilities of Goo-Geum and Yoon-Geum relationship.

Netizens have also engaged in heated discussions and polls on various online discussion boards.

Some of the comments, “The trademark of Boys Over Flowers is the accomplised love relationship of Goo-Geum” and “The Korean version can take a different approach with Yoon-Geum ending.”


Boys Over Flowers Cast Leave for Jeju Island
(Source: MStarNews; Translation by TW1NKLE @

The cast of the KBS Mon-Tues drama, ‘Boys Over Flowers’, left for Jeju Island on the 11th with the support of their fans.

The cast left on the first flight to Jeju Island at 6:55Am from Kim Po Airport. It has been revealed that they have already continued filming.

A representative stated, “Although it was the first flight (to Jeju) of the day, many fans showed up to show their support and love. They cheered on as Goo Hye Sun, Lee Minho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Joon, Kim Bun, and Lee Min Jung boarded the plane.”

According to released details, the cast and crew are planning to film on the island until the 13th. They resumed filming as soon as they landed in order to shoot the necessary airport scenes. Filming will continue at the hotel and the coastline.

With the end of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ near, the upcoming Jeju Island scenes will play an important role in the direction of the series.

“The Jeju Island segment will bring a major change to the Joonpyo-Jaekyung relationship.”

‘Boys Over Flowers’ has recently been enjoying a bittersweet popularity. Jang Ja Yun, one of the members of the Evil Trio, was recently found dead in her house; police concluded the investigation as suicide. While suffering the sudden and shocking loss of their cast member, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ also received it’s highest ratings with 35.5% on Monday.


1 Response to "Will Boys Over Flowers end with Goo-Geum or Yoon-Geum?, Thursday March 12, 2009 Korea"

It is just proven that Gum Jan Di is not only a good actress, she can sing, she can play instrument and now she can writes. She is a multi-talented person and I hope the members of the F4 will be able to comprehend and recognize her as a good friends but also a good prospect for a wife in the future. I know she is a little bit older than them but age doesn’t matter anyway what matter is you can live in harmony to the person you love. I can see that GJD will be a good wife the way she project herself over the screen. Her beauty is very natural
Guys if you marry her you don’t have to buy her beauty product you can save a lot of money…I hope GJP and JH or Woo Bin will consider
courting her….. that would be wonderful. Sorry Kim Jun you’re too young.

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