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Kim Hee Sun – Proud to be a Mom, Friday March 13, 2009 Korea

Posted on: March 14, 2009

Translated by: hippokathy88 @

Kim Hee Sun – Proud to be a Mom

Two months after giving birth to her first child, popular Korean actress Kim Hee Sun posted photos her daughter on her personal blog for the first time ever, expressing her happiness as she received a new role, a mother.

Kim Hee Sun and husband Park Ju Young before Hee Sun gave birth

In the afternoon of January 21, Hee Sun gave birth at Kangnam Hospital. The baby weighed 3.2kg, healthy and resembled her father a lot. According to Hee Sun’s family, the baby was named Yeon A. Right now, Yeon A is nearly 2 months old.

On Hee Sun’s blog, she posted photos of her husband holding onto their daughter’s little feet, which generated curiosity amongst fans. They are all waiting to see how the baby looks like.

Although she has not been acting at all after she got married and gave birth, Kim Hee Sun is still very “hot”. Her fans are all watching and following her news. When she posted her daughter’s photos on her blog, a lot of fans sent their wishes and hoped that she would make a come-back soon.


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