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Angela Tong drunk driving sentenced 160 hours of community service, monitored by entire HK, Monday March 16, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 17, 2009

Source: Singtao
Translated by: aZnangel @

 Angela Tong drunk driving sentenced 160 hours of community service, monitored by entire HK

Angela Tong’s drinking and driving case had been held in court yesterday. The results were that she was sentenced to 160 hours of community service. Earlier Michael Tse who was also in the situation as her was put on probation, he expressed that he’s happy for Angela. He also encouraged drivers out there to not drink and drive, not even one sip. Michael said: “I understand that Angela and I will be monitored by the entire Hong Kong!”

Earlier Angela admitted that she was drinking and driving and was careless. Yesterday she was sentenced to 160 hours of community service, fined HKD$1200 and her license is suspended for a year. Michael expressed yesterday in a news that he knows Angela was already sentenced, he said: “First, I am happy that she is okay, hope that she will be able to get back into her work soon. I hope that we learned our lessons and will not commit the same crime again. I understand that Angela and I will be monitored by the entire Hong Kong.”

Asked if he felt the sentence was too heavy? Michael said: “The two cases are different, the court’s decision is very justice and fair. They follow the points to make the decision, I will respect what the court sentences. It is not a matter of heavy or light sentence, we are both responsible for the consequences. If you had alcohol, do not drive, don’t think that one sip won’t affect anything.” Michael recently hired a driver because his license was suspended, asked if he would help Angela out? He said: “I don’t need to, she has an assistant with a driver’s license. (Is Chin Ka Lok going to driver her?) Many people will drive her. There are many friends that offered to give me a ride, when I heard it, it felt so sweet.”

TVB Exective Virgina Lok expressed that when Angela left the court she immediately called her, the two met in TVB City and had a hug. She said: “I am relieved too. In these few weeks, I was very worried, now its a sign of relief. I was also very worried about Michael as well.” Asked if she felt the sentence was fair? Virgina said: “Need to respect the decision, be thankful of the court’s sentence. They are able to continue their careers in acting and allow other artistes acknowledge that one small mistake can lead to a huge consequence. Angela and Michael’s case is a great experience and can warn others to not do the same. Angela and Michael faced the situation seriously, besides family members, their colleagues are very worried about them.”

Skye Chan said: “Before the incident, was already careful driving. Angela faced the situation with a good attitude, she admitted that she made a mistake in a serious manner. After this incident, it should be a good warning sign to not make the same mistake in the future.”

Margaret Chung accompanied her good friend yesterday, she said: “I’m very happy. I respect the court’s decision and that its justice. When one makes a mistake, they should take responsibility for their actions. (Were you worried before?) I was afraid, now I don’t need to worry anymore.” Asked if she would be Angela’s driver? She said: “I don’t mind, before I would often drop and pick her up.”

Michael Miu and Angela also know each other, he said: “This time is a small punishment, hope that in the future she doesn’t drink and drive again. Take the taxi. Before when we went out to eat, we didn’t have a car either.” Asked if he feels relieved for Angela? He said: “Actually sentenced for community service is already very lucky, if had to go to jail, it would be pretty painful. She also has a lot of work in hand, community service is the best punishment for her, she could help out society.”

Maggie Cheung said: “I am relieved for her, after this time, she should know what to do. I believe that the court’s decision is justice. It is just like telling a child to not break the rules again, after going through the consequences, won’t break rules again.”


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