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Jill Vidal and Kelvin Kwan had more than just Marijuana, Sunday March 15, 2009 Hong Kong

Posted on: March 17, 2009

Source: Oriental Daily, Sina
Translated by: aZnangel @

 Jill Vidal and Kelvin Kwan had more than just Marijuana

Jill Vidal and boyfriend Kelvin Kwan were arrested in Japan last month for possessing Marijuana. Tomorrow (the 16th), the case will finally end with a decision, but yesterday the two’s record company expressed that they received their urine reports and it was confirmed that the two did not only have Marijuana, but also something else.

Yesterday marks the 20th day that “Kwan Jill” were in detention. Last night, representative of Jill’s record company Amusic, Ms. Sum suddenly announced to Reporters Jill’s most recent development in Japan: “Just received the urine report from Japan and it said that besides having marijuana, Jill also had other stuff, the details will have be released tomorrow in court. (“other stuff”, which is what?) Will have to wait for the report to come out first, it will be announced on Monday.” Earlier AMusic terminated Jill’s contract with them because she was involved with illegal drugs, Ms. Sum said: “Everything will have to wait until Monday when we discuss the report with the lawyer.”

Afterwards, Reporters contacted Ms. Sum by phone, asked if Jill’s contract with AMusic will be terminated? She said: “At this time, a decision has not been made, nor have this question been discussed. When Monday comes and we receive the report from the lawyer, a decision will be made. (Does Jill owe Amusic any money?) No, Jill had filmed commercials and her albums had been successful, she does not owe Amusic anything. (If the contract is terminated, will there be any fees she has to pay?) Will have to discuss this with the lawyer.”

As for Kelvin Kwan who is apart of Universal Music, the Vice President Mr. Wong expressed that they have not any notice from his parents, and also defended Kelvin: “I really don’t know, still haven’t received notice from Kelvin’s parents. (Will you call them to ask?) Not yet, his family is going through a tough time.” 5 minutes later, Mr. Wong called Reporters and said: “Kelvin wants his father to confirm that he received the report from Japan, ha! It is as what you told me earlier (the urine report), it confirms that Kelvin did not only have marijuana in his body and that is all I know. ”

(And all other questions asked to the VP, he answered that he didn’t know.)

Also, last night at 8pm, Jill’s older sister Janice just finished recording for JSG. When she left, the media surrounded her and asked if about Jill’s results from the urine test. Janice only revealed a very painful look, as she left to go home.


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