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Super Junior Kang In Attack By Netizens Again; KangIn and TaeYeon – couple rings?, Tuesday March 17, 2009 Korea

Posted on: March 17, 2009

Credits: allkpop +

Super Junior Kang In Attack By Netizens Again

Just months ago, Kangin was criticized by netizens when he and fellow radio DJ, Kim Tae Yeon complained about how nurses had bad services in hospitals.

Now the netizens are back again with their attacks on the ideal.

On the latest episode of ‘We Got Married,’ while watching fellow radio show host Girls’ Generation / SNSD member Taeyeon cheer for her “husband” Jung Hyung Don, Kangin asked her: “Are you really in love with Jung Hyung Don? Why don’t you just have fun and leave [each other].”

Even though he said it in jest, netizens are saying it wasn’t appropriate because on the show they’re supposed to portray married couples. Comments on websites are demanding an apology. Jung Hyung Don shot back “You keep talking like that and you’ll be re-married too,” referring to his second “marriage” to Taeyeon. His first wife was Saori… who later divorced him.

KangIn and TaeYeon – couple rings? (Credit: KBites)

Heated discussion exploded on online discussion after it was spotted that TaeYeon and KangIn were wearing similar golden ring on the same hand and finger on MBC We Got Married aired 15th March.

Though it is not confirmed if the rings they were wearing are the same, one netizen commented, “Are they dating?”

One of the comments from netizens that actually caught my attention was,
“Of course they are dating~ During their radio show, TaeYeon rested her head on KangIn’s shoulders, and when KangIn and Lee Yoon Ji were kissing, TaeYeon’s expression isn’t a joke~
Lee Yoon Ji and Hyung Don have become the fools.”

This is just like the Xiah-TaeYeon scandal back then, no one can confirm any of the rumours except for themselves.


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