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Imagine So Nyeo Shi Dae and Wonder Girls as your classmates;Tiffany’s solo debut a popular hit – “2nd TaeYeon?”, Friday March 27, 2009 Korea

Posted on: March 27, 2009

Source: kbites
Imagine So Nyeo Shi Dae and Wonder Girls as your classmates

Recently, photos of So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and WonderGirls SunYe in their college lives have become the topic amongst netizens.

The photos of SunYe and YoonA attending classes at DongKook University despite their busy schedule were released on online community sites. Both of them are freshman of 09 batch in that university.

For SunYe, the photo showed her dressing plainly in a black suit, looking very differently from how she look on stage. And also in the photo, in the background there were fellow classmates taking photos of her with their cellphones, but SunYe paid no interest to that. SunYe also drives to school herself.

Different from the skinny jeans fashion she donned on stage for ‘Gee’, YoonA was seen in one of the photos sitting down and taking a phonecall while waiting for class to start.

There were many entertainers who had used the excuse of their busy schedule and do not turn up for lessons in college. But netizens find it touching that the girls took time out of their busy schedule to attend lessons in school.

Source: kbites

Tiffany’s solo debut a popular hit – “2nd TaeYeon?”

So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany, who has recently released her solo song, is said to have become the 2nd TaeYeon.

Her solo song ‘I’m Alone’ released on various music sites on 26th March, is the OST track to SBS drama ‘Ja Myung Go’. This is her first solo song released. She is the next after TaeYeon in So Nyeo Shi Dae to release her own solo song.

And in just 1 day into the release of the song online, it went up to #1 position on music charts, proving to be a popular hit. Fellow group member TaeYeon’s recent hits like ‘If’ and ‘Can You Hear?’ were also popular hits.

Also, Tiffany has recently been featured in K Will’s song ‘A Girl, Meets Love’.


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